Sometimes… Something Wonderful Happens

1 minute read

Sometimes in life you meet someone that accepts you for who you are, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, even at your absolute worst.

You meet someone that is always there, never turning their back and even if they must step away for their own good, they do it facing you so that you don’t feel completely abandoned.

You meet someone who makes you feel strong, but what they have done is given you the room to be who you are and provided you with a safe place to make decisions, even if they are mistakes. They haven’t held you up with a false sense of strength or given you their own strength but they’ve been strong enough to accept you.

You meet someone who makes you feel beautiful but what they have done is reflected your true self. And in that same safe place they’ve created warmth and love. With their giggle they have brightened your world and just being there relaxes you. And they create an environment where you can believe anything is possible, where everything will be okay.

Because love and respect is always the foremost emotion shared and charished.

I love you creperum. Always have. Always will.