BloodGod Righteously Hammered

less than 1 minute read

It has come to the attention of the Grimoire that there is more to DoomHammer’s persecution of BloodGod than random acts of violence.

Before Christmas a dispute erupted between Victoire and BloodGod over the scrolling of neutrals near the Hall of Binding. In the resulting fighting, a trainee of DoomHammer’s was caught in the crossfire and accidentally holy watered, causing them to fail a stamina quest.

DoomHammer subsequently made it clear to the warring parties that if either of them instigated any further fighting, he would keep the perpetrator zeroed indefinitely. While it is perhaps harsh to count the recent action by clan Archangel as fighting, it is clear that it was interpreted as such.

While this new information does suggest that DoomHammer is still a psycho, I am sure we shall all sleep sounder knowing he is not an entirely random psycho.