Grimoire Columnist in Wedding Snub

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Source: The Dark Roost / cough Rumour Mill

The notorious bad boy and Ravenblack Grimoire columnist, Lucius, has compounded his infamy within the city by snubbing the A-list guests at his wedding at the weekend.

It seems that the glittering list of attendees, including The Inner Circle supremo Lady What The and his ex-wife, the revered Shadow Court Chancellor Ophelia, were not actually invited to the ceremony itself, which he wished to keep a small private affair. This would perhaps be understandable were it not for the fact that no one had told these notable individuals and that their clans were providing security for the event.

In the most disturbing incident, Ophelia’s escorts for the evening, Moirai and NiFlhEiM, were accosted by security staff. There were unconfirmed reports that the trouble was prompted by Moirai brandishing the knife he had used to slit the brides throat during the recent conflict.

Ophelia is reported to have lost a slipper and a ribbon in the scuffle. However, she has denied riding home in a pumpkin.

Lucius made the following statement outside the gates to his Palazzo earlier:

“I wish to apologize once again to all of those that may have felt slighted. The plan was to privately bind all along and I suppose it was just miscommunicated. I myself didn’t understand the nature or seriousness of the problem until after the binding. However, the invitations clearly stated that the binding would be celebrated at the Dark Roost.”

“Perhaps this is my fault - I should have had some dignitaries over for dinner and conducted a pleasant conversation with them over a fine wine, explaining them the details of the celebration - although, so could they. It would have been all much more civilized than the unfortunate situation we find ourselves.”



hmmm lets see, I went to the wedding and was displaced by Cob and Clan AA… Later I found out that CoB and Clan AA were actually aligned together to disrupt the wedding.

They did a great job of disrupting the wedding because by my calculations.. the binding took place… 4 hrs late.

It was an interesting binding… scrolls of displacements and scrolls of turning were being used by both to keep the hall cleared.

Lady Tejas Beloved Wife of BloodGod ~Keeper of the Shadow Realm~


grins Seem to remember displacing you myself


The only thing more nauseating than the rudeness of the bride and groom was to hear Lucius asking…where are the presents.