NiFlhEiM on Verge of Disqualification

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Source: VADA

Who Wants To Be A Sociopath? contestant NiFlhEiM is on the verge of disqualification from the gameshow for breaching regulation 7b regarding the use of outside help, despite being ahead in the voting.

In a clear breach of the game rules, and despite previous warnings, Moirai, Bellina, Orgasmerilla and epona weighed into Clan Messidor in support of NiFlhEiM. He is now at the point where a single holy water from a clan mate will leave him disqualified, handing his adversary, AdaMaS, the inaugral Who Wants To Be A Sociopath? crown on a plate.

AdaMaS, in the spirit of the true lone bad-ass, is still dividing his time equally between brooding and killing. On account of repeated bouts of necrophillia, he is now holding his own with Lucius’ wedding party, the Temple of Lies and, if reports are to be believed, all of the Ferrymen.

While it seems he may now have bitten off more than he can chew, AdaMaS is emerging as the clear favourite, although still trailling in the poll by a single vote.

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