"Who Wants To Be A Sociopath?" In Dramatic Finish

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The first series of the acclaimed new gameshow, Who Wants To Be A Sociopath? drew to a thrilling conclusion this evening. NiFlhEiM, on the verge of disqualification just a few days ago, has managed to keep his nose clean and win it by a single vote. As he was ahead in the voting, he just just sat back and waited for AdaMas to blow it. We were delighted to track down the bad-ass himself hiding in shadows near Gloom and 14th to present the award (see photo).

AdaMaS, on the other hand, has slipped badly, going from clear favourite to Lucius’ scroll bitch in next to no time. This is a sad and humiliating end for a once proud warrior. But, we have to hand it to the High Priest of Lies: he sure knows how to kick a man when he’s down. But we would like to point out to Lucius that what goes around comes around …



Lucius’ scroll bitch? haha That’s funny. Being that at the time I was in a very live scroll war against 4 Ferrymen at once. And Lucius was not one of them haha.

AdaMaS The Soul Collector


Welcome to show business :D So can I take it you are signing up for the next series of Who Wants To Be A Sociopath?


It might be interesting to point out that we are now into the 8th day of Adamas’s zeroing…How long are the fairy-men going to take? I can tell you that when Adamas led their warriors, such zeroings were measured in hours and minutes.

Archangel God of Justice