Lucius, Evilive Get Posturepedic

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Following the recent retirement of his previous play date AdaMaS, notorious bad boy and Ravenblack Grimoire columnist Lucius has found himself a new opponent for his newly found passion for duelling.

The revered Shadow Court Chancellor and throat-slit-fucker himself, evilive_inc, has been waiting for Lucius to drop his battle cloak so he can stomp his ass. While the rest of his clan have donned the natty new garb, evilive has been waiting patiently infra-blue for Lucius’ nerve to crack.

However, Lucius is showing every sign of liking the cut of his new coat, so all we have had so far is hot air from the two of them. Lucius has evidently taken the wise decision of preferring to take on the whole of the rest of the Shadow Court than meet evilive in single combat.

Seasoned observers of this pair expect a long courtship and much posturing before anything exciting happens.



Hate to bust the bubble here, but Lucius burned his blue cloak a few days ago.

Hey! I’m just looking out for the integrity of this publication

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cough Thanks :D Not one of our most insightful pieces makes mental note not to write articles before drinking coffee in the morning - or checking facts