Fight Night: Lucius vs. Son of Lucius

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In a plot straight out of Hollywood, notorious bad boy and Ravenblack Grimoire columnist Lucius will take on the man he once called son in a bout of single combat this Saturday. Although evilive_inc has long since discarded the Son of Lucius sobriquet, it is true that they were once close.

This closeness, married with the gallons of bad blood that have run between them since, give this fight a bile-encrusted edge that cannot be matched by any other pairing in the city. Although the time and place are still to be decided, this fight will undoubtedly galvanise the city in a frenzy of polarised blood lust.

The smart money is backing evilive_inc for this one, his better overall record in battle counting in his favour. For those who like to bet off-piste bookies are offering better odds than usual on the chances of Lucius doing a runner before the fight starts. One turf accountant put this down to the fact that, since abandoning his coat of many colours, he really has nowhere left to go.