Archie’s Archives #1: Capadocious Is Archie’s Brother

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From: “mooncalf2oo4” <iammooncalf2oo4@…> Date: Fri Apr 8, 2005 7:34 pm Subject: Tej talked to Cap…. read iammooncalf2oo4

tejas_dragon: cappy? lord_capadocious : sorry hun lord_capadocious : cant talk tejas_dragon: just a quick question honest lord_capadocious : ok tejas_dragon: did anton leave cap clan? lord_capadocious : yes tejas_dragon: ok ty tejas_dragon: he is in clan seraphim now tejas_dragon: thanks cappy i will let you go tejas_dragon: lord_capadocious : ok I dont know much about that clan lord_capadocious : except for the fact that Archie will probably destroy them if they are not under him tejas_dragon: they will never be under him cappy tejas_dragon: that clan is run by the ones who left clan aa cause Arch married me ooc lord_capadocious : Well then they will be destroyed by him I am sure tejas_dragon: yes probably tejas_dragon: so surely cappy you wont help clan seraphim if they are dumb enough to attack lord_capadocious : lord_capadocious : Archie is my brother tejas_dragon: what? tejas_dragon: hehe tejas_dragon: cappy in my eyes… if clan seraphim attack him…it is all over ooc shit and i will hand them their vamp butts myself tejas_dragon: so that is a no you will not help clan seraphim? tejas_dragon: goody lord_capadocious : I will never help anyone attack Archangel lord_capadocious : Or his clan tejas_dragon: i will hold you to your word there cappy forever lord_capadocious : as long as he feels the same about me tejas_dragon: ok that works tejas_dragon: i have a strange feeling that clan seraphim might come after me instead lord_capadocious : You know that in my RP of Cap, Archangel is my true brother tejas_dragon: yes i know tejas_dragon: looks like once again… i am on my own if attacked …. lol lord_capadocious : Sorry hun lord_capadocious : not my fight tejas_dragon: no prob cappy hun lord_capadocious : besides Im not even in charge tejas_dragon: but how can anyone hate this gorgeous naked butt? lord_capadocious : Dutchy is in charge while I am gone tejas_dragon: who? tejas_dragon: does dutchy know that cap clan wont fight against clan aa? lord_capadocious : She wont fight without my orders unless we are attacked first tejas_dragon: good



This is ‘news’? (Date: Fri Apr 8, 2005 7:34 pm) Granted, archives, but plainly, Capadocious may as well be buried for as much effect he has in the city these days, ditto AA. Quite a bit has transpired since this conversation.

Generally, I would think that when printing past transcripts, they would either have something to do with a breaking story or would be just-dug-up evidence of something important or shocking. AA and Cap being on the same level? Yeah, I can believe that. Who cares?

Also, the second misleading highlight, stating only that Cap is away - why is that there?

~Victoire Beloved of Hidden_Kenshin


Yes, your points are indeed valid. I will confess it was a facile attempt to test the water on the matter with a transcript of limited face value only. I certainly don’t think there is much mileage in old AA logs, unless they are truly shocking. Ditto orders of battle, training procedures etc. I will probably dust one down now again as a filler when the news is slow. Or just publish the whole damn lot on a separate site


I just find this statement so very amusing: except for the fact that Archie will probably destroy them if they are not under him

When was the last time AA destroyed anyone at all? I can’t even visualize him in a true battle. The only he thing he seems to want is attention. He reminds me of one of those red haired step kids. The whole of Raven Black doesn’t even give him the time of day so to get some much needed attention, he does the Hall of Binding fiasco. I wonder…how much money has he been paid by anyone for them to bind there? I’m guessing nada.

Damia Morgan

rolls eyes How is it my clan happens to have all this business that I never find out about until I read the grimoire ;) Madeye ;)

Anton has never been in seraphim-trust me some of us would have umm noticed that small detail.

The only thing he has ever been to seraphim is Naomi’s companion. And I know she sneaks him into her bedroom sometimes but honestly that doesn’t mean hes in our clan snickers more

Damia ó Cionaoith Snuggler of Dilectus Mother of Many Seraphim Clan


… doesn’t make it true :P Plus, this is all old history as Victoire pointed out.