Celebrity Deathmatch Update

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We have just received final details of the forthcoming single combat between Lucius and evilive_inc. The duel will take place in a 5x5 ring, between Anguish 11th/13th and Bleak 11th/13th, on Monday 6th February at 6pm EST.

Both of the duelists will start at the same BP level, with full APs. They will stand at each opposite corner, one at Anguish 11th and the other at Bleak and 13th. They will fight until one of them is dead.

No scrolls of displacement or teleportation allowed. Any other weapon can be used: Holy Water, Scrolls of Turning, Garlic Spray, Flowers, Diamonds, etc. Each of them will come with a witness of his choice who will assist the duel in a conference room.

The smart money is still on evilive.



I’ve already reserved a good chunk of front row seating. My goal is to catch any and all stray diamonds.

smiles and goes to find a place to burn Madeye’s smart money

Damari   ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


Don’t underestimate them… they can make very effective weapons nods especially in dandelion wars… whistles innocently

~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Prime Minister of Clan Seraphim Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez SFSA ;)


I’m a sucker for the underdog - my money is dumbass


Which one is dumbass?

~Persephony Porcelain Doll


Quotes article at the top of the page: “The smart money is still on evilive”. By inference the dumbass dosh is on Luciusus.