Sanctuary of Immortal Extermination

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Source: TVRC

The SIE today declared war on Sealioness and the small band of refugees that recently followed Blackdragon out of the Sanctuary. They claim that Sealioness took a number of their Dogs with her when she left and anything up to a million coins.

Sealioness insists that the Dogs were hers by right, including any coins they were carrying, while SIE refute this, stating they belong to the clan. SIE use the Dogs in large numbers for mapping purposes and say that they are are able to provide the most up to date shop locations as a result.

Following a cursory trial, Sealioness has been sentenced to death in absentia and declared an enemy of SIE in perpetuity. An attack has commenced. In an unusually belligerent move, SIE have issued a statement saying anyone aiding or abetting this vampiress will also be considered an enemy and attacked.