Lucius Takes An Early Lead

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Source: RBC/CBK

Although it is certainly early days, it seems that Lucius, the High Priest of Lies, has taken a surprise early lead in his duel with evilive_inc, Loki of Valhalla. Defying the odds, and the poll run by this publication, Lucius has bettered his opponents by 5 hits, leading 7530 to 6666.

The main bookmaker for the event, Sartori, was seen looking pale and nervous ringside as the results of the first round filtered through. If Lucius keeps this up, the well-known pire-about-town stands to lose a large number of coins.

It must be said that if Lucius does keep this up, it will go quite some way to answering his critics about his perceived lack of moral fibre. However, this duel has a long way to and we expect many twists and turns before it is over. Only a fool would discount evilive on the back of one poor performance.



SOoOOoooo are you the fool who has the money called dumbass?

Damari   ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius


That’ll be me