Lucius Maintains Lead But Evilive Inches Closer

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</table> NOTE: Projection is the result if all remaining rounds match this one. evilive succeeded in chopping one third off Lucius' large first round lead, taking 1289 blood off the High Priest of Lies while losing only 1002. While he certainly has a long way to go, if he keeps this level of performance up he will be neck and neck with Lucius by the end of Round 4, stealing the win by a few hundred in the seventh round. # Comments ---- ## Damari Actually, the reason evilive inched up a little is a funny story in itself ohhh Mad One.. We'll see if Lunaida enlightens people when she posts the results *chuckles and shakes her head* Damari ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius ---- ## Madeye I am just looking at the numbers :D Care to enlighten us? ---- ## ophelia ...Madeye, for keeping us up to date with things :D *bows* ~O ---- ## Madeye Wasting one whole AP on SSing them :P Some instant replays would be good though ---- ## Lord BubbleKnight Well, being the HW formula an exponential one, it's almost certain that the one with more blood will lose more blood per hit, which may distort further calculations, moreover when they are away. They should be counted by HW successfully clashed on the opponent. Lord BubbleKnightLord of the Orbenoir DynastyDeath Dealer of the Capadocious Clan ---- ## Lucius distraction. ;) ---- ## Madeye that does not a funny little story make. I am well aware of the formula (it's even got it's own page on the Grimoire here). But without masquerading as the contestants' jock straps I can't get much closer :P ---- ## Damari Being the operative word(s). Nothing like a mid-duel kiss hrmm my love? Damari ~Ferryman~ Épouse de Lucius ---- ## Lord BubbleKnight ...with a good spreadsheet and the refined formula (you have the first one that was released, although we made a slight adjustment later). The formula for the damage is ROUND[OBP^0.6;0], which means "take the 0.6 power of the original blood point and round it to the nearest integer" (the last 0 is for rounded to 0 decimal places). That formula can be easily integrated into a Excel spreadsheet and, with a bit of bootstrapping, you can follow the entire path of damage, with slight deviations for other weapons used (GS or scrolls). Lord BubbleKnightLord of the Orbenoir DynastyDeath Dealer of the Capadocious Clan ---- ## Madeye The wisdom of Andronicus is a little long in the tooth :) And yes, I do understand the notation, being an engineer by trade, not a journalist as some might think :P But thank you. I am in two minds as to whether to update Andron's pages or leave them fossilised. ---- ## Lord BubbleKnight ...other formulas as well, here being not the evil shadow counselor at the service of Lord Capadocious as some may think, but also an economist specialized in finance, statistics and econometrics, so I've been analizing many of the formulas and notations of the game and have some projects running on this as well. Lord BubbleKnightLord of the Orbenoir DynastyDeath Dealer of the Capadocious Clan
Round: 2
VampireStartFinishBlood Loss
TotalsLucius 864 aheadLucius 577 aheadevilive_inc gains 287
Projection:evilive_inc to win by 654 blood in Round 7