Interview with Pollux

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Ladywulfe: Pollux, pardon me, but when you have time, I would be honored if I could interview you. I am trying to meet the elders and wise vampires and would like to start with my clan to learn as much as I can Pollux: Pollux: me? Ladywulfe: well.. lol yes Pollux: weel..all right Ladywulfe: I value your opinions and you are among the most wise in the city Ladywulfe: yay! good Pollux: no I wouldnt consider myself one of the wisest…but ask away Ladywulfe: and please tell me if I do a good job Ladywulfe: ok Ladywulfe: What or who brought you to RBC? Pollux: a whisper on the wind Pollux: Ladywulfe: a whisper on the wind? so you just found your self here and made a home? Pollux: my past is too long to go into..but to make a long story short Pollux: I wandered for a time Pollux: until one day I heard whisperings Pollux: the whisperings lead me to RBC Pollux: I am a master pire LW Ladywulfe: Ahh , yes I have also heard them. Ladywulfe: Thats remarkable. Most pires I meet have a sire. I am humbled Pollux: next question? Ladywulfe: To me this means you are secure Ladywulfe: ok Ladywulfe: How long have you been in RBC? Pollux: secure in what way? sorry but do explain..and RBC I believe that I am going on 2 years…approximately Ladywulfe: I mean most, like myself felt the need for a sire, to have a lineage and siblings. I was lonely being a master pire Pollux: ah i understand Ladywulfe: ohh good 2 years Ladywulfe: Who was the first pire you met in the city? Pollux: Zathras Pollux: Ladywulfe: Good, I am sorry I dont recognise that pire Pollux: it is ok Pollux: I had no idea that within the city were created maps Pollux: and so there was many a time Pollux: that I wandered with many coin in my pockets Pollux: and which others deemed acceptable to lighten Pollux: is the way in the city Pollux: I was clueless about powers and how to get them Ladywulfe: Yes, I wandered like that myself Pollux: and Zathras helped me..and led me to Clan Archangel..where he was part of the Guard I believe Pollux: I believe he is with Seraphim now Ladywulfe: How else did Zathras influence you? Pollux: how else? to be honest…and not to insult Zathras..but he was not one who had influenced me..but merely led me to a haven of help Ladywulfe: I see, and thats ok. I look for those who helped create who you are now. Pollux: I believe I created myself…mind you..there was a bit of help from many..both pires I know..and some that do not know me Pollux: strange as that might sound Ladywulfe: Not at all strange. I belive you can learn by yourself. I have often watched you through the city studying your mannerisms. Pollux: ha! you flatter me Ladywulfe: Thats why I listen more then I have Ladywulfe: You politely put me in my place a few months back and I was humbled Ladywulfe: from then on I sat quiet and learned from my faux pas Pollux: I do voice my opinion..shrugs what was it about? Ladywulfe: Oh I was not thrilled about something Lascaux had said and got in a dither and I offended you Pollux: ahh Ladywulfe: I felt like a crumb afterwards lol Pollux: worries about it Ladywulfe: but you taught me and that mattered Pollux: thank you Pollux: next question LW? Ladywulfe: Your very welcome Ladywulfe: ok Pollux: lol Ladywulfe: What wars have you been in? Pollux: wars Pollux: against Clan AA war Ladywulfe: yes against othe clans Pollux: and the rest are merely skirmishes against individual pires Pollux: is different with SIE Pollux: and different within the Temple Ladywulfe: yes, but who comes out on top is important. I have seen you duel in words. Its hard to match your wit Pollux: within the Temple I have helped to fight against UnicornDream ( who due to circumstances never did get zeroed by the Temple), Nif, AdaMaS, Moirai…he’s fun actually Ladywulfe: heh heh Pollux: on top? ha..well…it’s all perspective there now isn’t it Ladywulfe: yes it is Pollux: but no major wars Pollux: I have not been in the city long enough for that… Ladywulfe: ok neither have I ..yet Ladywulfe: lol Ladywulfe: Have you ever been zeroed? Pollux: nopers Pollux: Pollux: ide like to see the buggers try though Ladywulfe: Wonderful!! Ladywulfe: Well am impressed with that! Mind you, most pires who are free of mind to let losse the tough usually end up on someones list Pollux: true Pollux: I won’t flatter myself to think that I am on someone’s list..but IF…well..then I am always up for a bit of excitement Ladywulfe: heh heh true! Ladywulfe: Are you bound? Pollux: yep Ladywulfe: To whom? may I ask? Pollux: Ciannait…of course you can’s not like you can’t SS me and see if I say umm no hmm? Pollux: Ladywulfe: I know.. (shhh Im being a reporter) LOL Pollux: lol Pollux: verra well Pollux: do continue then with ur reporting Ladywulfe: Who have you been bound with other then who you are now? Pollux: sorry..can u be a bit more to what exactly you mean? Ladywulfe: Ok I mean have you been bound to another? Pollux: ahh oops..sorry..mind not working Pollux: thought u said around Pollux: D’oh Ladywulfe: its quite fine! Ladywulfe: lol! no! Pollux: not bound..but there is another that Im waiting for Pollux: Ciannait..well..suffice it to say that she is convenient for now Ladywulfe: Ohhh anyone in mind.. or should I say care to share? Ladywulfe: Pollux: ha Pollux: you wouldn’t know her Ladywulfe: Very well then Pollux: but her name is..was Tanyada Pollux: she allowed herself to enter the flames of the rising sun..and I should have followed but Kinzel held me back Ladywulfe: Wow , you are a true romantic Pollux: pfft Pollux: next question Ladywulfe: What vampire do you look up to most? Pollux: hmm Pollux: there was one that I looked up to Pollux: well..lie..there are quite a few that I look up to Pollux: CHASS is one of them Ladywulfe: I have heard of CHASS, but have not seen him in or around the city Pollux: hmm Pollux: no..he was husband to Obsidian Pollux: and..he had a forcefullness about him that was..well..made people shit bricks basically when he came outo Ladywulfe: Ohh ok, and she divorced him, am I correct? Pollux: ha..loved that Ladywulfe: pardon the typos Pollux: I dunno their personal business to be honest..and no worries on typos Pollux: Kinzel I admire..very honest pire and straight forward Ladywulfe: thank you, some get annoyed.. Ive a bad hand Ladywulfe: yes he is. Pollux: shrugs you caught me on a good day Ladywulfe: LOL, well I am gald for that. Ladywulfe: What vampire do you least like? Pollux: Ladywulfe: LOL!!! Pollux: is that singular or can I answer in plural form? Pollux: gee Ladywulfe: ok next question right? Pollux: scratches his head… Ladywulfe: shoot from the hip! Pollux: Mooncalf..lying decietful overly bloated pink moo moo Ladywulfe: HA!!! Pollux: Crazyinblack…see above Ladywulfe: Archie too? Pollux: Archangel..see above..gee I see a pattern don’t you? Ladywulfe: Yes I certainly do! Pollux: Archie? pfft..the biggest conniving delusional pire of the city? Pollux: Yes Pollux: ahh never mind Ladywulfe: lol ok Pollux: greek we say Poutses Pollux: so poutses to that one Ladywulfe: poutses then! Pollux: lol Ladywulfe: Who do you think is the bravest warrior Pollux: hmm Pollux: bravest is hard Ladywulfe: just in your own opinion Pollux: there are many brave pires within the city Pollux: from Lucius..evilive_inc…CHASS…Moirai Pollux: Kinzel Ladywulfe: indeed Pollux: sangfroid Pollux: hmm Pollux: Lady What The Pollux: Shikon, Mav, Heimdag Pollux: they too are warriors Pollux: Ophelia Pollux: shrugs there are many Pollux: I cannot define the bravest Ladywulfe: Yes they are in my eyes too. They are on my list of interviews! Ladywulfe: Very good list! Ladywulfe: Who do you consider to be cowardly? Pollux: weel..if u interview Ophelia..make sure there are no utensils about Pollux: Archangel Ladywulfe: HA!! Pollux: Mooncalf Ladywulfe: Agreed! Pollux: well Pollux: the norm for them is when they war..they may throw a hw or two..but then they retreat into shadows Pollux: allow their clan to attack on their behalf Ladywulfe: That is very cowardly Pollux: and delude others into thinking that they are mighty warriors Pollux: lmao…anyways Pollux: it is what happened when I was in the clan Pollux: and it was in their archives also..I know..I read everything to learn Ladywulfe: And they consider themselves to be Gods Ladywulfe: Whats the worse thing you have ever seen a vampire do? Pollux: the worst as in after a zeroing? Pollux: or just in general Pollux: ? Ladywulfe: Just in general Ladywulfe: something they did that cannot be forgotten Pollux: geez.. Pollux: can we come back to that one? lol..brain freeze Ladywulfe: Sure, you dont even have to answer it Ladywulfe: Who are some famous vampires you zeroed? Pollux: if i remember i will Pollux: pfft Ladywulfe: ok Pollux: me personally have never zeroed any Pollux: I have helped to zero them Pollux: ohh..actually Pollux: 1 Ladywulfe: ok then use that for the question Ladywulfe: ok.. Pollux: gazingdarkness…umm..after he was possessed with another Pollux: ooc: i believe that Kevin sold him to someone else and the bugger HW me one day Pollux: hw the pire I mean Pollux: Ladywulfe: How do you mean possessed by another Ladywulfe: hahah! Pollux: OOC: i use the term possessed as it is a pire being sold to another Ladywulfe: ok I get you. Thanks for clarifying that Pollux: just like Mooncalf..was prior owned by a player named David..who in turn sold Mooncalf to Tejas Pollux: np Ladywulfe: What are you best known for? Ladywulfe: Pollux: lmao Pollux: im on hiatus a lot Pollux: Ladywulfe: hahaha! Pollux: and my fair big mouth at times Ladywulfe: Well when RL calls! Pollux: aye exactly Ladywulfe: Ah directness! I knew that already.. I just had to ask! Ladywulfe: Do you have a motto to live by, or a favorite metaphor? Pollux: that too very blunt Pollux: hmm Pollux: yeh i do Pollux: shoot..give me a Ladywulfe: sure Ladywulfe: take your time Pollux: Quemadmoeum gladis nemeinum occidit, occidentis telum est. Ladywulfe: Latin for? Pollux: A sword is never a killer, it’s a tool in the killer’s hands. from Seneca..ironic but it was “Lucius” Seneca who said it Ladywulfe: Wow thast is pretty powerful! I like that Pollux: inclines head slightly Ladywulfe: Anything you would like to tell about yourself that I did not ask, you feel would be important to know about you or feel is special about you? Pollux: hmm..hey Pollux: u asked me about a memorable event if I can recall Pollux: I just remembered Pollux: CHASS burning his clanmates with HW Pollux: dunno why that’ Ladywulfe: Ohh yes Ladywulfe: Ohhhh! Pollux: that’s there but it is Ladywulfe: He did!! Ladywulfe: That is definitely memorable. Pollux: yeh..he did I think that he was possessed (not ooc bought..but ic possessed) Ladywulfe: ohh my! Ladywulfe: Thats a good tidbit of city history! Pollux: and as to telling more about me..well…not much else to tell Pollux: i figure that most shall find out one way or’s not like Im a care bear looking for a hug..or to be liked..hehe Ladywulfe: hehe, ok Ladywulfe: ok wrapping up now Ladywulfe: How was my interview? Do I need to improve in any way? Pollux: it was good. Pollux: the only thing to improve to stick to the salient points that you are asking Pollux: shrugs but you did quite well Ladywulfe: ok I will take that into consideration, thank you Pollux: parting quote that describes me more than I could: Quidquid id est, timeo Danaos et dona ferentes Ladywulfe: It was my first time! Ladywulfe: And that means? Pollux: Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, even bearing gifts.

Pollux: hehe Pollux: now Ladywulfe: LOL!! Pollux: who u working for? Ladywulfe: Only me Ladywulfe: My way to know the elite batter Ladywulfe: better* Ladywulfe: Hesu thought it a good idea Pollux: am not elite LW..but thank u Ladywulfe: Well I canlearn alot from you, and I have learned from you Ladywulfe: Last Question! Ladywulfe: May I place our conversation on my public forum to review and use as a reference? Ladywulfe: I am the only one it it! Pollux: where and which forums? Ladywulfe: its a IHC forum that you have to sign in to read and no one can read it but me Pollux: what is IHC? Ladywulfe: Sorry yahoo booted me Pollux: lol Pollux: np does it to me too Ladywulfe: an invision power board Pollux: by all it where u wish Ladywulfe: I place learning info for me to use as a guide Ladywulfe: Thank you, and Thank you Pollux for your time! Pollux: can I get access there or is it a personal board for u? Ladywulfe: It was great for me. I’m totally thrilled Pollux: and it was no problem LW.. Ladywulfe: just a personal board for me Pollux: nods ok Ladywulfe: Pollux: take care then Ladywulfe: Thank you and you too! Pollux: oh who else non clan are u planning on interviewing? Ladywulfe: Evilive, Lucius, Heimdag, Shikon, Madeye Ladywulfe: I have a huge list Pollux: I can imagine Ladywulfe: LOL! Pollux: hmm Pollux: why not talk to Madeye and see if u can incorporate all these interviews in the Grimoire? Ladywulfe: That is why I am starting with my clan first If I stink as an interviewer you can tell me! Pollux: kill two birds with one stone so to speak Ladywulfe: What a grand idea! Pollux: and I KNOW many would be fascinated to read it Ladywulfe: Wonderful I will contact Madeye Pollux: Madeye is probably one of the better pires who can be articulate within this city Pollux: Pollux: take care LW Ladywulfe: yes, I do like him Ladywulfe: and you too Pollux Pollux: im off my dear..perhaps we’ll talk again Pollux: Ladywulfe: yes i hope so



I would like to welcome Ladywulfe to the Ravenblack Grimoire. She will be doing a series of interviews with notable vampires in this city, starting with this one, with her clanmate Pollux.

So, if you are a notable vampire in this city, expect a knock some time soon.