Jimmher Slaughtered By His Own Clan

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Good grief. Could there be a worse Duel ever fought? Yes, we are talking about the recent topic of contention of ‘Will They - Won’t They’ fame between Jimmher and vinsent_ulf (aka fluffy) Nope, this paper would hazard a guess that this one even beats out the rather odd duel between the two females with their holy water quotient.

It started out well enough. The city received regular notifications to public halls updating the denizens about whose blood was slowly dripping out of their body like sluggish wine. Of course the regular updates were drowned out in one particular hall by the rather vociferous heckling instigated by one Caridwen. But at least those in the city could keep one eye on the results while they verbally ripped shreds into one another. It was entertainment for sure.

But it seems, that Jimmher made the most grave error to toddle off to the closest potions shop and necro in the middle of said duel. Now, we’re not sure what ‘Dueling Manual’ he was using but whatever one it was, we suggest he throw it away.

He managed to make himself look dishonourable and ineffective and by his action, brought the loving judgment of his clan upon his head.

Now we have to say we commend Persephone, 2nd in command at WoE, for taking matters into the right hands and dealing out the justifiable punishment to her fellow clan member. It would be nice to say Jimmher died with honour. But unfortunately for him, he didn’t.

What did happen was that his clan killed honourably. If nothing else comes out of this debacle, the city now knows one fact, that WoE can and will do what needs to be done.

Even if it is unpleasant.

We can only hope that the next time someone challenges another to a duel that they actually get to the point where someone dies. Our fingers are crossed.

(Correction to name made - Thank You Mercedes)



It’s not ‘vinsent_wulf,’ it’s ‘vinsent_ulf’’ Though I would simply stick to Fluffy (capital or no is up to you). Subjective coverage is one way to go about it, but you want to at least get the names right.

Mercedes LoSD



 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


All news reports are subjective. But we agree that his name will be corrected forthwith.


is even more important when it comes to the Vampire’s name, so names should be reported as case-sensitive, exactly as they appear in-game.