Balance Of Power

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A new pecking order is in the offing. Or is it? It seems this paper has said that a lot lately, but it can be argued, now that both The Church of Blood and The Shadow Court have closed their doors that something has to happen in the city.

Either a new power will come into play, or old alliances will find themselves at the top of the Clan heap. It was the job of this mere reporter to take the pulse of the city to see, what exactly a select few of you citizens out there think is going to happen now that there is a gaping hole in the power grid.

Some believe that the Capadocious, Kingdom of Heorot and The Ferrymen alliance will rise to the top as the new honchos on the block, using their united power to muscle their way to the top.

And others like Jauk Lokason believes, in what was a succinct dissection of political lines is quoted as saying ‘‘I believe had Yggdrasil not came to be the Capadocians unity with Kingdom of Herot would be the power house of the city. They have the numbers and cash to make a big mess and though SIE has skills and cash, they don’t have the numbers. TiC of course is still left, but they are divided by color. Yggdrasil I believe, is up and coming to be the best of the best, if not already’’

Neither of these scenarios are at all far fetched and each has merit and high probability.

With the absence of active resistance, a new triumvirate of power could very well tip the balance in favour of Capadocious once again making a bid for Prince of the City. It of course would depend wholly on his alliances and the stability of such, but there is no active clan big enough, and who seems to care, right now to dispute such a claim should it be put forth.

As BoodGod pointed out quite vigorously in a public hall, where exactly are all these homeless vampires going to go now. And will the newly form Yggdrasil reap the membership rewards of such? Already they boast the two old Chancellors of the Shadow Cour,t it isn’t such a stretch to think they could recruit the rest of them. It may well come to pass that they will all congregate under one flag, to fly a banner together where they once held their alliances as two different entities.

It will be interesting to watch the jostling sure to ensue now. Already there have been murmurings of hidden agendas and power struggles.

But this paper is not satisfied with only these two options. There are rising clans out there who have already burst onto the scene and shown the city they are not to be trifled with. SIE being one of them. At this point in the teetering balance of power and dominion. It is anyone’s game.

There are more who have yet weighed in on this subject and we at the Grimoire look forward to bringing to you, our viewing public, a continuing view of these shifts as they happen.



When will you stop making up news to boost this little trash of yours?

—–Already there have been murmurings of hidden agendas and power struggles.——

Come on - It isn’t my fault this happens in your clan - but please - don’t make up this stuff to help your own agenda - and we know why you talk like this. We all know why.

Just face it. She’s so much better than you will ever be ;)


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The Editor


You continue to make absolutely little sense…

Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


Thank You for the reminder Mr. Editor. I’ll stop. smile

Damari ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


Putting the grammatical and structural problems of the story aside, one would first hope that you could find more than one credible source to quote on the political climate of the city.


You got the job, smartass. ;)