Less Than Zero

less than 1 minute read

In what appears to be yet another less than effectual attempt to “prove” something to the city, Vicar jumped into an already heated conversation in the RBC Hall between NurseVamp and others, gratuitously insulting her and in the end going toe to toe with Capadocious himself.

Capadocious Clan admits to now having a new policy on dealing with publicly stated insults. Capadocious also admitted that he had had enough and decided to make minced meat out of the little, cigar chomping, trouble maker.

After a bit of blood letting and a far from ferocious exchange of weapons. Cap Clan decided Vicar wasnt worth the effort to zero, since in their opinion, he had been zeroed so often before and seemed to enjoy it. Leaving the severly plasma lightened Vicar and his small clan to run off and lick their wounds.