Ownership of LoSD Changes Hands’Again

1 minute read

In another stunning move, Secret, Second in Command of the League of Shadow Demons, opened the doors and handed a fresh set of keys to DarkestDesire, founding Queen of the clan. This action comes 24 hours after tgcsmith, former Queen of LoSD was removed from power and the clan by PTBarnum, the former King.

DarkestDesire, coming off an extended absence, began attacks against Charmed Witch, PTBarnum’s wife, yesterday in an attempt to voice her displeasure over the actions that occurred.

There are various rumors churning through the mill at the current time ranging from tgcsmith being put back in the clan to rule next to DarkestDesire to both PTBarnum and tgcsmith being cast out into the streets never to return.

The Grimoire was able to track down Seyda, tgcsmith’s sire and former Second in Command of LoSD under DarkestDesire, to get her comments on the situation. ‘I know this is a trying time for everyone involved,’ she said. ‘I want the members of LoSD to know that if they have no where to go that feels safe, they will be welcomed and protected in the Republic. Other than that, I really have no other comments at this time.’

What does the future have in store for LoSD now? Will DarkestDesire reign supreme? Will PTBarnum and tgcsmith be delivered keys that work? Will another clan sense the current instability and capitalize on the situation? Time can only tell.