White Trash Nazis Must Die

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Word on the street is that there is a new regime out there in our fair city. This scary group of po’ foke bare proudly their uniform of flip flops, camoflage huntin’ ball caps and the perfunctory wife beaters.(for those non americans, wife beaters are mens white tank top undershirts, usually worn by those whose furry belly can do nothing to help itself but protrude from the bottom for all to see)

Rumour has it, that a gracious and powerful “Cold Hearted Bitch” is the secret leader of this frighteningly uncouth group of fashion faux pas.

Smackin gum and chewin tobaci, they swarm their trailer park den, looking to feed on small rodents. Primarily over drawn, chest beating pig squealers, that tout their own delusions of granduer and misconceptions as if they do not even know that no one else in the city is dumb enough to believe them or care much what bull they have to say.

Well then again, word on the street is also that this screamin Meamy may be in cahoots with another. Being that he keeps stating that it is him now who is speaking, as if he thinks there is another one of him in the room.

Please be on the look out for these White Trash Nazis, for they may infiltrate your mind. It is suggested that you don tin foil hats and foil your windows as well, because they are tricky with their mind controlling and clan destroying ways.



…there are shipments of flip flops and wife beaters going out as I speak to potential members of this underground movement nods

ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil