The Scariest Vampire in the City is… A narrowed down poll based on last results

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Another vote that’s become a popularity contest. Realistically, there’s only one person on this who’s scary, and that’s Seyda. Have you people never seen her pissed off? Crikey!


Yes I have shudders, and I’ll never be the same again.


This poll sucks, even more than the first one :P


blinks at Vaelen and bursts out laughing Okay, Vae… I guess if you’re talking about ‘looks’, you’re right. Dunno, dun care, myself. I just find it scary that 99% of the content of this rag is written by her. :P


Shakes her head at Tyger before she starts to sew his lips shut You have just broken your promise to me, strike one. Three and you are out, care to continue?


steps back and levels his wife with a stoney look Do you really want to play the three strikes game, love? Cuz this would be number two for you, three if I take what happened separately. We can continue this horseshit at home, if you really want to, Wynd my love. I suggest it be dropped, considering I wasn’t aware that this is mostly ‘her’ paper, and thusly it makes perfect sense that most articles would be written by her. Had I known beforehand, it wouldn’t have struck me odd, nor prompted me to comment on it.


If I drop it, does that mean I don’t get to strike you? bats eyes innocently We can make it 4 or 5 strikes or more if you like. Or winner take all? Race ya back to the lair?


can’t help but chuckle, nuzzling her tenderly with a smirk Oh, say 9 or 10 strikes if we drop it? With the silver-tipped single tail; I know you love that one. And who knows, I might stop counting them…



I have faced the anger of Seyda. And that’s one thing I never hope to see again.

Spinner The Corridor The Ferrymen


I’ve faced it as well, I suppose you could say. But dying never did bother me. shrugs Maybe you’re just too attached to your blood, Spinner…


However, how many of you have really seen Brutus pissed? REALLY pissed and not holding back? Been there, thank god I wasn’t on the receiving end but close enough to know what its like. Besides even though I am his daughter, it would still be bone rattling. No thank you. puts on best daughter ever halo and heads back home