Interview with RemipunX

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Over the past several days, the hot story in town is how various Mafia members attacked Majica Wilde, and the ensuing conflict that has occurred. Shortly after Majica was attacked, her childer, RemipunX, responded in kind, attacking several Mafia affiliated vampires. Since the nature of Remi’s attacks have been questioned, I decided to end the speculation and track her down for an interview in between the vial tossing. When we met, save the obvious exhaustion, she appeared rather immaculate. No holy water burns were noticed, although there was the distinctive smell of burning flesh. She practically bounced into our meeting place, almost as if she was trying to show that nothing was bothering her, and with the exception of the paleness from lack of blood and pure exhaustion, one would probably be fooled by the outward appearance. She bounced in, took a seat rather enthusiastically, laughed at my makeshift reporter gear of a twill suit and an old frumpy hat with a press card in it, and settled into the questions. What follows is Remi’s story.

Seyda: Remi, I just wanted to sit down with you today to ask a few questions regarding your current conflict with well….a whole bunch of other ‘pires. As I’m sure you’re aware, the reasons that you involved yourself in this conflict have been pretty heavily debated and are borderline controversial, so I just wanted to give you the opportunity to clear the air.

RemipunX: Thanks Seyda. I’ll try my best to answer any questions you have.

Seyda: Now, from my notes, the biggest point of controversy is the timing of your attacks and whether or not your involvement occurred on behalf of your sire, Majica Wilde. So, I guess the best way to start is to just ask…what are you fighting for?

RemipunX: The timing of my attack was one of those straws that broke the camels back type things. I was standing in the Hall, with scroll in hand to displace Mother. In ran what I saw as Mafia members, who hit her as we were speaking. For weeks now, the Mafia had been placing gag orders on my family, telling my brother what to do, and insulting a leader, Boomer, who I greatly respect. Seeing them bum rush my Mother, as she was dealing with something she didn’t even want to be doing, it just made me snap. So the first night, that was a bit of a temper fit, and just hitting those I took to be Mafia. After that, I got my list a bit more organized.

Seyda: Okay, from what I saw as far as your public attack declarations are concerned, you hit eleven vampires. Do you mind if we run down the list so you can give your motivations or hitting each, so that the public can be clear on your intentions?

RemipunX: That sounds great Seyda.

Seyda: Okay, I put the list in alphabetical order in order not to offend any of the 11, so the first on the list is Brandi Stewart.

RemipunX: Perceived as a member of the Mafia. On my second list she was dropped. Seyda: Okay, so she was hit because she was Mafia, or because she was spotted in the Hall of Severance?

RemipunX: Seeing her in the Hall made me think she was Mafia. I really wasn’t sure who was Mafia before that point. But, since the Mafia put a gag order on Majica, and then this group came and hit her, it just made sense to me.

Seyda: Okay….next on the list is Demonic_Diati

RemipunX: Mr. Diati is one of my three major targets. He is very proud of being 2IC in the Mafia, and Lilac’s ‘enforcer’.

Seyda: Okay? So he’s being hit because he’s Lilac’s enforcer?

RemipunX: He is being hit because the Mafia makes threats, demands, and he is the one to go out and make it happen. Before dealing with him in this, I took him to be Lilac’s errand boy, and her right hand man. I wanted to hurt the Mafia, and cutting their right hand is the best way to do that.

Seyda: Fair enough. How about EmpressLizard?

RemipunX: Just like Brandi, her hit on Majica pointed her out as being Mafia.

Seyda: Okay….King Lestat?

RemipunX: He confused me. I hit him at first because he was Mafia. Then I kept hitting him because I thought he lead the Scion.

Seyda: Okay, so why would you hit the leader of the Scions?

RemipunX: The Scion, by helping with Mafia hits, must be a member of the Mafia alliance. My goal was to hit the leaders of each ‘clan’ under the alliance, if I could figure out who was who.

Seyda: So, you wanted to take a shot at the Mafia as a whole, and so were spreading the shots out?

RemipunX: I had my main three, and then was hitting leaders. I’m only one person, so I couldn’t take on every foot soldier. Hitting leaders seemed like the best use of the energy and weapons I had.

Seyda: Okay, that makes a bit more sense….

Seyda: Next name: Lady Few

RemipunX: She is Mr. Diati’s mate, and hit in the Hall so I saw her as Mafia. I hit her a few times in my first rounds as a blow to him.

Seyda: Okay…..Lady Lilac

RemipunX: She’s the ‘leader’ of the Mafia, and my number one target.

Seyda: Is she the number one target because she’s the leader, or is there something else?

RemipunX: She is the one who calls the shots, makes the gag orders, issues the threats. Her mouth is what makes me want to hurt the Mafia.

Seyda: So I take it you don’t like her very much? chuckle

RemipunX: -smiles brightly- Not a very big fan, no.

RemipunX: And can I add something?

Seyda: Sure

RemipunX: I would just be hitting her, if she’d move.

Seyda: smiles Interesting…

Seyda: Okay, moving right along, the next vampiress on the list is Laurelgwynn.

RemipunX: Laurel got hit first because for the same as Brandi and the other, she’s Mafia. Then she opened her mouth and so I kept hitting her.

RemipunX: She thought that she knew what clan I was in, and she also thought since she’s Mafia, that she has the right to bad mouth who ever she likes.

Seyda: Well, what exactly did she say that pissed you off?

RemipunX: -wrinkles her nose- She called Boomer a pinko commie bastard and told me to get a pair of pink panties.

Seyda: Okay, so that is the second time Boomer has been mentioned. What exactly is her involvement in this?

RemipunX: I don’t understand why, but the Mafia made orders at Boomer. The Sun Clan is most definitely not under the Mafia alliance, and they have no place telling it or its members what to do. If the Mafia wants to give orders, it should stick to its own, and not try to tell respectable leaders what to do.

Seyda: So then part of your reason for hitting the Mafia is because they were attempting to silence clans that weren’t under its jurisdiction?

RemipunX: -giggles- That makes it sound a lot grander then how my head was putting it together, but yes, that’s part of it. Boomer is a good leader for her clan; she does what’s best for them. Having someone like Lilac trying to order her around just makes my skin crawl. I don’t have any personal knowledge of the Mafia order any other clan leader not under them, but if they did, I would hope those that care about those clans, and those leaders, would have the same reaction I have to it.

Seyda: Okay….that clears up quite a bit.

Seyda: The next vamp on the list is leandra.

RemipunX: She was in the first sweep, like the other girls. I saw her as Mafia.

Seyda: Inu?

RemipunX: She was in the first wave, and then after fighting my Iddy she got very trash talky. But like the others, when I hit her, it was for being Mafia.

Seyda: So you continued to hit her because she was talking smack to Idony?

RemipunX: Oh no, I told her she wasn’t worth my time, and that I wanted Mr. Diati.

RemipunX: I did call her a not nice name, but I was a bit heated, and let it slip out.

Seyda: nods Okay. The next person on your list is Raven_Moon.

RemipunX: -frowns- I hit Raven for Seth.

Seyda: Why?

RemipunX: From my understanding, and this is my trusting on blind faith, which, I’m learning not to do, they had a bad divorce. Raven tried to bed a few men outside the marriage, it was just nasty. The Mafia placed a gag order on my line over the whole thing, and then Seth got zeroed due to it. He was my brother; Raven was… most definitely not anything to me. I watched my brother be zeroed because the Mafia wanted to butt in his personal life? And was brought into his personal life due to her? It made her part of my top three.

Seyda: Okay, so you hit Raven_Moon because your brother was zeroed by the hands of the Mafia. Isn’t Seth hitting you now?

RemipunX: Yes, he is. In defense of some distant family member who has been hitting me since night two. Seyda: So Seth was one of your motivations to strike, and now he is attacking you. Does this change your stance as far as Raven_Moon is concerned?

RemipunX: Very much so. I trusted Seth, took him at his word on a lot of things, and now he is hitting me? It’s all just very confusing. I’m not sorry for hitting Raven, she’s Mafia, and would have been hit for that alone, but she would not have received the brunt of my attacks if it weren’t for Seth.

Seyda: Does that mean you’re finished with your attacks against her?

RemipunX: As long as she no longer hits me, or brings her line to me. I am done fighting the Sins.

Seyda: Okay, sounds fair to me. Are you now turning your attentions toward attacking Seth back instead?

RemipunX: -shakes head no- He’s not worth my weapons.

Seyda: nod Okay, the last vampire on the list is The Dread Lord.

RemipunX: He was in the first hit, because I saw him as Mafia.

Seyda: Okay.

Seyda: That’s the list.

Seyda: Hopefully everyone will have a bit more insight as far as your motivations for hitting the vampires you chose is concerned.

Seyda: My next question is, if your reasons are many, then why have you decided to join Majica in hitting back your opponents?

RemipunX: It’s the more effective way to strike and cause damage. Many of our targets overlap, so working as a unit is just more cost effect and efficient.

Seyda: So then Majica and yourself are clear that the opponents may be overlapping, but separate reasons exist?

RemipunX: Yes. You would need to ask Majica her motivations, but mine are most definitely my own.

Seyda: nods

Seyda: How do you think this conflict will end?

RemipunX: With me and Ollie dying, I’m sure. Seyda: What do you think about that?

RemipunX: Honestly? It scares me. But I have enjoyed the fight. And if it opened just one person’s eyes to what the Mafia is, and that they aren’t all powerful, then our deaths are worth it.

Seyda: Well, is there anything you wish to add?

RemipunX: -sits and thinks for a moment- I want to thank those that have fought well on both sides. I’ve really learned a lot during this, and some of my best teachers have been those that are hitting me. And thank Boomer, for getting my kids bodies home safe, that means so much to me. -smiles- And thank you Seyda, getting my thoughts out there means a lot to me.

Seyda: No problem. Good luck in the remainder of your conflict.

And that was that. Remi hopped up and bounced her way out of the area. Watching her as she left, it was hard to think that she was in the middle of a battle by seeing the designer jeans and sweater she was wearing. But, as the recognizable smell of burning flesh dissipated after she left, it was all too apparent.


Scythian Chornovyl

That’s a girl, Remi. Make me proud.

Scythian Chornovyl ~Son of Lucius