An Offical Statement for The Ferrymen

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“The Magisters Council have decided, along with ladypeacek, that the Ferrymen should begin their new path with the Stygian resuming her position. persephone has been removed from the property and her place amongst the clan revoked for breaking the creed.” _____________


On March 31 2008 an announcement was made on behalf of the Ferrymen. In this announcement, persephone, the acting leader of The Ferrymen turned over leadership of the clan to Andre D’Dary, her new sire. For a few days after this announcement speculation, laughter, suspicion and upset running through the city. Was this just an elaborate joke? Was this serious? Did Andre have good intentions for the ancient clan that so long ago was held in such esteem? Had persephone lost her mind?

The answers came to light today with a statement made by perseophone. It was simply an elaborate joke that enabled her to weed out who her true friends and mates were-who it was that would stand by her side and walk away based on her decision.

Any clan leader worth their salt will understand and realise that their personal insecurities must fall behind the greater good of those entrusted to their care. While many found this prank to be more than funny, it is also safe to say that every vampire that had a hand in it is culpable for the ill treatment of the Ferrymen clan members simply because of their silence.

Has persephone found out who her ‘true friends’ are and those she can trust? Perhaps.

But she’s also given the city a shining view of her integrity, intelligence and honor.

Well done



First off, my name is persephone, not perseophone mutters something about press having such an issue with her name as of late

Secondly, the friends thing was merely a perk that ensued from the joke. Honestly I don’t regret it one bit. You know what, Rykoth Gypsy and ladypeacek were all aware of the joke, but remained silent. I do agree with your statement “every vampire that had a hand in it is culpable for the ill treatment of the Ferrymen clan members simply because of their silence.” Bravo.

I do however say that those who made the decisions and judgments have made a grave, if not fatal, mistake.



In the typo of your name has been duly noted and hopefully corrected. Thank you for gracefully pointing it out.



I must correct persephone’s statement. None of the three of us were aware of the joke until after it had been published in the papers, and stated in a clan hall.

As for remaining silent, Rykoth and I spoke to persephone directly and immediately.

I reiterate the statement of the Council. persephone was removed for breaking the Creed, not the joke in and of itself.

Gypsychild Rykoth’s Lady Oracle of the Ferrymen