Change Settings

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Available to Registered Users who are logged in.

The Change Settings option allows users of to alter their personal preferences. Currently, there are two user-configurable options, but more may be added in due course.

  • Timezone: This option allows you to set to your timezone. This will cause all times on the site to appear in your local timezone, making it much easier to know when the shops and guilds are next due to move.
  • Results for Find Nearest: The Find Nearest function allows you to find the nearest banks, pubs etc. to any location in the game. This option allows you to specify what kind of results you wish to see. The Vanilla option shows one of each, while the kinky alternative, Refractomatic*, shows loads of banks. The Combat 1 setting shows the nearest targets to the specified location in the military version of Sightings.
  • Auto-Sight Pire Name: currently unused.
  • Auto-Sight Pire Password: currently unused.
  • Blood Threshold:changes is in blood greater than this amount will be highlighted on the target screens for users of the military version of Sightings.

To change the settings, select the desired values from the drop down boxes and click the Save Settings button.

  • Named after Refraction, the infamous bank robber.