Welcome to Mistress Sanguine’s Lair

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Deep in the heart of the woods an old castle looms high in the night sky. The castle is dark and isolated. Ivy grows thick over old stone, even covering the paned glass windows. In the highest tower of the castle, she sits. A single candle burns as she reads over the letters in front of her. Her inkwell is full of fresh blood and she pens her responses to the seekers with much attention and thought.

As she finishes with the evening’s stack, she folds the parchment into small envelopes. Handing them to the human servant standing nearby, he nodded in her direction and scurried out into the night to deliver her replies. Her name? Mistress Sanguine. Her mission? To assist the heartless with the one thing they need help with the most….love.

To contact Mistress Sanguine, please send all correspondence to mistresssanguine@gmail.com