King Lestat was a Great Man

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So King Lestat is no more, censured by the gods themselves for his tainted actions. All around the city there is wailing and the gnashing of teeth. “He was a great man”, we are told. “He was unjustly treated” goes the cry. Well, King Lestat was not the first great man to walk the streets of this dark city.

In the beginning a great man was measured by his tyranny, and among the early tyrants Capadocious stood head and shoulders above the rest. Like him or loathe him, if your lips were not pressed firmly against his boot leather, you would spend your days screaming for death. Those who did not follow his creed were hunted almost to extinction. The city holds no fear of King Lestat, yet we are told that King Lestat was a great man.

Not all vampires bow meekly to the will of god. Some, the great ones, do not fear the wrath of Ravenblack. EvilBill stood up to the all powerful, and challenged his authority. In one of the city’s greatest battles, EvilBill came within a whisker of killing the almighty himself. King Lestat sinned and was destroyed without a whimper, yet we are told that King Lestat was a great man.

In a city that has seen a thousand battles, few have ever gone long undefeated. For over two years, the Shadow Court, under ophelias stewardship, annihilated all comers. Their primacy was only ended when the good lady voluntarily stood down. King Lestat has yet to truly distinguish himself in battle, yet we are told King Lestat was a great man.

King Lestat, through his own braggadocio, left his family destitute in the gutter, his clan on the back foot against their enemies, yet still we are told King Lestat was a great man. Well, this publication would like to make one thing clear: King Lestat was not a great man. In the company of the great vampires that have walked this city, King Lestat was no more than a hapless gimp.