Lord RavenBlack Takes a Child of Murrz Ramirez.

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Earlier today, the loss of a childe of Murrz Ramirez was brought to the attention of the Staff here at the Grimoire. RavenBlack, the Lord of our fair city, detecting a vile taint around the corpse of King Lestat, smited him in one fell blow, rendering him little more than a temporary shell within our fine city.

Various sources reported at some point in time, Lestat had been seen slumming in the ghetto’s bragging of his abilities to illegally move coins from servants to others for a fee. We can only surmise here at the Grimoire that if Lestat indeed had this dark art skill, this would not be the first time he has used it. Confidence in charging others a fee for this indicates that one would have to be particularly skilled through practice in this trade. And were he not skilled through practice, one could again surmise the number of vampires he put in or could have put in jeopardy had he used it on them.

It seems his skill failed him and his luck ran out. Word on the streets is that the boy used this particular circus trick for his Sire, and RavenBlack, hearing of these antics not only erased him from the city for all intents and purposes but as well penalized his Sire.

While writing this article, I had the pleasure of conversing with Devil Miyu and I grew curious on what she would have to say about some of this. In asking her if she thought the newly born Saint Lestat would learn from the essense of his tainted former self, her only reply was ““Riiiight. And Britney Spears is a well-behaved good little virgin girl, right? Hah!” It was then that some random person dashed by shouting “ “Ohmuhgawwd!! LEAVE BRITNEY SPEARS ALONE! LEAVE HER ALONE!! crying heard JUST STOP!” When our laughter subsided She then added “ Leave Seth Green alone and watch Robot Chicken and Family Guy!”

We here at the Grimoire would offer condolences to the family members left behind by Lestat, but the evidence that he is not truely gone is quite obvious and we are almost certain he will be welcomed back to the fold of his family so–Welcome back? This writer is not sure at this point in time if we should instead offer congratulations or move foward and still send sympathies.