Dear Mistress Sanguine

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Mistress Sanguine, I seek your help in a very delicate and personal matter. My sire recently approached me and asked how I liked the roses from my bound partner. I asked her what she was talking about and she explained that she’d seen my partner inside Discount Magic shopping. She saw him walk outside with well over a dozen. That was two weeks ago. My partner has never given me roses and my fear is that he has another lover. Should I let this go or confront him?

In Sorrow, Roseless

Dear Roseless, Assuming your sire is a reliable source, a few things could be going on. It’s possible that your partner bought them for a sibling or childer and it’s harmless. It’s also possible that your partner has another lover and you are being kept in the dark. My advice would be to simply ask your partner about the roses and see what he says. If he indeed bought them for a lover, tie him to a tree and throw Holy Waters until he cries.

In blood, Mistress Sanguine