Dear Mistress Sanguine…

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Dear Mistress Sanguine,

I have a problem I hope you can help me with. The god Raven Black has decreed that I can only have one wife, and in my former life as a human, I was a Mormon and had several!

I really miss the companionship of all my former wives, and would really like to find a way to have more than just one here in the City! What can I do?

Signed, Forced to be Monogamous in RBC

Dear Forced,

You poor dear. In a city with so few vampires and so many vampiresses I can see why this is such an important issue to you. My advice would be to speak to the God himself. Ask if multiple partners would be a request he’d be willing to grant.

If he says no, just start collecting women. Once you get to 100 vampiresses, let me know and I’ll perform one huge binding ceremony for all of you.

In death and blood, Mistress Sanguine




ooc note: It should be known that LDS aka Mormon’s do not actively practice polygamy and those who are not so well natured could find your question VERY offensive.