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Dear Mistress Sanguine, What if I know of a certain pire who has actively bashed his clan leaders, threatened to take on various pyres of power in the city, and told many others that he is gaining various lovers in order to rule the city? Should I warn such lover’s that he is cheating on them? or the Matriarch of his clan which he was recently admitted as a full member into that he is already bad-mouthing her, speaking of betraying her and using her to get gain in the city whilst he sits back and laughs at her trying to support him though he keeps screwing up? Or should I just keep my mouth shut and watch as he tries to use her and will end up getting himself killed brutally, secretly hoping I can join in on the attacks?

With best reguards, a well connected knowledgeable undead walker of the streets….

Dear Well Connected,

This person sounds quite familiar in his ways. As tempting as it would be to watch him fall on his face by his own volition, I do believe you should tell his Matriarch what you know about his activity. There are vampires in the city stupid enough to listen to his words and actually believe them. Before her reputation is tarnished by this disloyal vampire, speak up. Perhaps once she finds out about his horrible behavior, she’ll attack and you will get your wish of being able to join in. Polish your Holy Water vials, little lady.

In blood, Mistress Sanguine

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