Torn Between 3 Loves….

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Dear Mistress Sanguine,
I’m stuck in one of the worse messes in my entire life, you see,there are 3 men in love with me, two I have children by and one of those two asked me to marry him and the third is very close to me, I can tell him anything. I don’t know what to do, or which I should choose or how to tell the other two I can’t be with them. Please help me

Signed, Torn between 3 loves

Dear Torn Between 3 Loves,

My best advice would be to string all three of them along for as long as possible. See how many diamond rings you can get, how many coins and flowers, too.  Vampiresses should be more evil, take more control of their eternal destinies and have as many suitors as possible.

Signed in blood, Mistress Sanguine