Dear Mistress Sanguine

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Dear Mistress Sanguine ~

I am currently an active member of a well-known clan in the city. I am also a member of a bloodline of which I am loyal to. I have recently been asked to participate in an action against a threat to the bloodline, but my clan leader made it clear that I was not to get involved. Should I listen to the head of my bloodline and risk removal from my clan? Or should I listen to my clan leader and risk being cast out of my family. Help!

Sincerely, TornIn2

Dear TornIn2 ~

It is unfortunate that you have been placed in such a difficult situation, but this is more common than you would be led to believe. Usually most clans make it clear that your resources are going to be at their disposal for tactical purposes. If you willingly took this oath of loyalty to your clan, it is understood that your actions will directly affect the clan you are in, thus limiting your ability to participate in attacks of any nature without their express permission. I cannot direct you easily towards clan or family; that decision lies within the confines of your heart. The more pressing question would be what is more important to you, clan or bloodline?

Mistress Sanguine



If you were a soldier in an army do you really think ‘My Mummy doesn’t want me to do it’ is an acceptable excuse not to go? Do you really expect your leaders to accept such an excuse?

Most clans make allowances for these unavoidable clashes in loyalty. But I’ve always believed, Clan first. Always clan first. I made a vow and my vow is my bond and an extension of my honour. If that means I may one day kill my own, then that is as it will be.

smile Then again, I’m a blood thirsty bitch like that and considering I’ve lost a Sire and a childer for my decisions to put my clan first then that is exactly what I’ve done. I think you’re only torn in two because you lack the balls to suck up your courage for your clan. Or your belief in your family loving you despite your wish to honour your clan is lacking somehow.

If your bloodline loved you they would understand and shut the fuck up. If your loyalty to your clan was what it should be your decision would be clear. smile

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Speaking as a city Methuselah, I’d have to say that anyone who’s been in the city for a long enough time has had to deal with this at one point or another. For myself, I was usually lucky enough to be in the same clan as most of my bloodline. thinks Although, there was that one time when my former grandsire was in the Capadocian Clan, I was in the Empire, and a war broke out. However, we weren’t close then, so it wasn’t really an issue. We had differing ideologies, as well as strong loyalty to the clans we were in, so thus we fought on opposing sides. However, I was grateful to have a clan leader who understood if I didn’t want to attack my grandsire, so I had the option not to be involved in hits on her if I so chose.

However, in Tornin2’s situation, I’m inclined to agree with Mistress Sanguine here. It would depend on how loyal Torn is to his (assuming it’s a chap, but could be a woman) bloodline, and how loyal he is to his clan. No matter which way he goes, though, he’s going to be unhappy about it, and will have to deal with negative consequences. As for the whole clan loyalty before bloodline loyalty, I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. If you truly value your bloodline above your clan, you should serve whatever clan the majority of your bloodline serves, and thus avoid that situation. If you truly value your clan above your bloodline, you should choose a bloodline which stems from your clan, and, again, avoid that situation.

Lady Crimson

Well I must agree with Vaelen on this. You need to decided which you value more and act accordingly. Even if this means leaving your current bloodline or your clan. Either way-best of luck!

Lady Crimson Happy with her clan & her family


Clan or Family? Beyond deciding which you prefer, there is another question that might help you choosing: What vows did you take ?

If you pledged yourself to the defense of your clan, you must follow that pledge. If you pledged yourselfthe defense of your family, you must follow that pledge.

If you took both pledges, then you made a BIG mistake… like selling the sale car to two different people… One should think hard before entering a clan or a family when already belonging to the other. One also should not promise to give what cannot.

I chose to enter a clan long ago. That means that if I were to enter a bloodline, I would have to make it clear that loyal though I may be, in case there be a conflict, I would have to choose clan over family. Someone belonging to a bloodline that would already have pledged himself to that would in my view have to do the same if he wanted to enter a clan.

If you took both, then choose either of the two and renounce the other… It is in life as in unlife : choosing is renouncing…

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