When Your Aura Drags Us Down…

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All of you know the type of folks I’m referring to: vampires who have voiced their opinions against negative things so much that they’ve become a slave to what they’ve hated. When vampires spend so much time worrying about the negative traits of some that they become blind to the fact that they are now the cause of negativity with others, there is an issue.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not so shortsighted as to believe that vampires shouldn’t be negative ever, because it is within us inherently as a byproduct of what we are. With that said, there is a line between expressing dissatisfaction at another or at a situation and pure obsession.

If another vampire does something you don’t like and you comment on it, that is expressing a dislike. If another vampire does something you don’t like and you spend a couple of decades perseverating about it to anyone that would listen using any medium at your disposal’obsessed much?

Of course, all vampires have a right to do what they wish within reason, however, when you spend more time focusing on others’ shortcomings instead of working on your own, you have issues.

This is the type of thing that perpetuates itself. One vampire has an issue with another vampire and so they tell all their friends. Again and again and again. These friends do one of three things. They smile and nod because it’s the quickest way to get the Negative Nelly to shut their pie hole, which in turn eggs NN on thinking they are justified; they hear the negativity over and over so much that they end up accepting it as theirs and then in turn push the same negativity onto others; or they choose not to listen to it and end the relationship.

Interestingly enough, since the city is full of catty vampires who love nothing more than to spread their negativity on others, the ones who choose not to feed into it are generally branded as disloyal, arrogant, and selfish bastards with no heart. Well, I would like to submit that those vampires that are responsible for this phenomenon are the disloyal, arrogant, and uncaring bastards. Disloyal because they’ll turn on a dime if another doesn’t do something they completely agree with. Arrogant because they actually believe that everyone cares about their opinion and will automatically believe what they say and just don’t understand why other vampires would think otherwise. Selfish because they are too busy thinking about their feelings that they do not consider that they are dragging others down with them.

In conclusion, the next time you wake up after a day of slumber and the first thought in your head is that damned vampire you don’t like who did that thing that you didn’t agree with back in the 1800s, take a look next to you in bed. Think about them instead and keep your aura to yourself.

Until next time, I tell the truth, so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it, anyway…




This should be placarded all over the City, in every Pub, every Hall, and shoved down some throats’ blinks Erm, I mean, pointed out to some’