Did You Eat a Bowl of Stupid for Breakfast?

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I just finished having a conversation with a member of this city. For the 9,758,364,569th time, I had to sit through yet another rant about how the Capadocious Clan, the Kingdom of Heorot, and The Ferrymen don’t play nice, can’t fight their own battles, and prove themselves to be fools every time they gang up on someone. Now, I usually smile and nod my way through these conversations (yes, at times I CAN keep my mouth closed), but what is screaming in my head is the following: Are you a damned idiot?

Yes, I said it. Are you a damned idiot? All of you. If you KNOW that there is a three way alliance, and you KNOW they’re all showing up to the ball game, then why are you going to start something? If you know you can’t win, why play? And even bigger than that, why complain when they stomp a mudhole in your ass? Are you stupid? I mean seriously’it’s like seeing 5 tigers in the cage, stepping in to wrestle one of them and then thinking to yourself ‘How unfair’ as they all rip your ass from limb to limb. Whose fault is that? Uhhh, not theirs’.

I mean, I know the common sense train is short, and I understand that it doesn’t stop at all the stations in the city. But come on. COME ON. I know some of you think that standing up to the alliance is this wonderfully honorable thing that will earn you gobs of respect in the city. This might be true with some vampires, but with me, you earn the RBC Darwin Award because you’re a friggin idiot.

In summary, if you KNOW what you’re going to get, don’t put yourself in the situation and then whine like a little bitch. Because if any of you had the opportunity to put together a machine like that, 99.9999% of you would take it, and some of you already have had it. So please, for the sake of my sanity, please, please, PLEASE stop talking to me about it, especially if the only plan you have is to sit around with your thumb up your ass and complain.


Until next time, I tell the truth, so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it, anyway…




The only solution for those that hate the current arrangement is to club together and change it. Solitary stands and suicide are pointless unless you like pain! Let’s face it, Cap/HoH/Ferry were on the receiving end for a long time, so do you think they’re going to relinquish their current position easily?? Nope!


What really, REALLY amuses me is hearing anyone formerly associated with the Dark Alliance of TiC, SC, and CoB voicing their disdain for our Alliance. However they try and justify it, the fact is…..Our alliance continues to run strong….while others falter, dwindle, and fall into non-existence.

TRUTH is a bitter pill to swallow for some…..REALITY as well.

I view the bickering as cheap entertainment. ;)

so i did him

I love you.

so i did him


The Dark Alliance lasted for a longer period of time than ours has so far RoD. We can only hope that our alliance will continue to thrive and that one day we will surpass even that length of time. Nonetheless, it is rather amusing to see how hypocritical some members of this city can be. It is not the least bit surprising though, so one cannot allow themselves to dwell on their actions for long.

P.S. Also, there are other alliances in this city whose strength and potential is not as known because they choose not to engage in many wars. However, this does not mean that they are dwindling or non-existant. Just something worth a mention.