Will You Please Shut the Hell Up?

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Claims. We all make them. Some of us claim to be the most intelligent, the most beautiful, the best strategist, the best in bed, the best in war, and the list goes on and on. So it is no surprise that only a small portion of the vampiric population are actually accurate when it comes to their claims, since, not everyone can be the best at everything. Everyone is a champion in their own mind, and if one has to think themselves flawless in order to get through each night, then more power to them.

What drives me crazy, however, is that subset of the population that makes negative claims about others yet have done nothing themselves. You know the group I’m talking about. Overly opinionated but equally stupid. The group that has never accomplished anything worthwhile in their entire unlives yet are the first ones out there casting stones and sharing their opinion because in their mind, everyone should give a shit about what they have to say. The group that makes sure that everyone knows who their friends are or what bloodline they fall in. The group that remembers the ‘good old days’ and everything that occurred, but conveniently forget that they were nothing more than a useless minion during that time. I think you know the type I’m referring to.

So, in my Seyda-rific manner, please let me take a minute to enlighten this group. If your only claim to fame is who you’re friends with, related to, or screwing, please take this opportunity to shut the hell up. If your past is clouded with failed attempts at creating clans or poor strategic moves that resulted in your getting tossed out on your ass, giving advice to the current clan leader circuit probably isn’t the best idea. If your idea of success is talking incessantly about how you accomplished things in the past, yet you were the water boy while other vampires were the ones getting it done’yeah, you guessed it. Shut up.

If you have never done jack shit in your entire time here in the city, it would be wise to think before criticizing others who are trying to. Or, you can sit in your chair with your little bloodwine and sneer with the others sitting at the kids’ table that haven’t done shit either. Just please keep in mind that you’re giving the vampires at the adult table a migraine, which is quite the daunting task since vampires are already dead. Of course, perhaps that is the only accomplishment that this group will ever have. Who knows?

Until next time, I tell the truth, so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it, anyway…




Some day, one of the mindless drones will realize, that they are the one you are talking about!!!

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Do signatures count??? looks up

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