Duels are for Pussies

2 minute read

Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed this overwhelming fascination with duels. On paper, this seems like an honorable way for two disagreeing parties to bring their conflict to an end in a setting with previously discussed rules and regulations. When both parties agree and hold to their word, an honorable end may be realized. Hell, whether folks love them or hate them, the duel between evilive and Lucius was an entertaining spectacle and it appeared to serve the intended purpose. Past that, however, the duels of the city have been one boring pile of drama with vampires unable to agree on the rules, pissing about how the other side is cheating, and using the duel as a tool to keep the masses off. In my opinion, duels are for pussies. Let me explain.

From what I have seen, the duel is used as a fake symbol of honor by vampires who are not smart enough to build anything substantial in terms of a clan on their own. Someone wants to start shit with someone who has been able to build something and so they fling about the term duel because they are aware they do not stand a chance clan on clan. Vampires who are losing on the battlefield fling out offers of duels to ‘save’ their clanmates, but in reality, are just getting their ass kicked and want to try and stop the bleeding without performing a full out surrender.

Personally, I laugh my head off when I see the weaker aggressor offering up duels. Seriously now, if someone is going to talk a bunch of smack and get their ass handed to them as a result, why does that vampire think they can offer a duel and the ones giving the ass kicking are going to accept? Lay off the vampiric crack pipe, people! What’s even better is when the duel offer is rejected and the vampire offering it makes the claim that the duel was rejected because the other party is afraid of going one on one or they have no honor. No, stupid, maybe it’s because they’re kicking your ass and don’t NEED to duel. It has nothing to do with honor, especially considering that you showed such a lack of it when you started it in the first place!

If you want to start something, make sure you have the ass to back yourself up BEFORE doing it. Because if you don’t, offering up a duel doesn’t make you look more honorable or turn you into a better vampire’it makes you look like a friggin idiot.

Until next time, I tell the truth, so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it, anyway… ~S~