Integrity in the City…

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Integrity. It’s a big word that most claim to know and understand, but what does it really mean? According to Webster, integrity is uprightness, honesty, and sincerity. But is this a static definition, or has it developed into something more fluid? Let me explain.

Let’s say someone has an over inflated sense of self and feels that he or she has done more than they actually have. To help support this stance, white lies are told in hopes to gain support. Can this behavior coexist with a vampire that also has integrity? White lies are just that’white lies. Is it a big deal? Should it just be passed off and taken with a grain of salt although it may directly affect the perceived integrity of another party?

Let’s review another example. Say a vampire is taking part in an espionage mission on behalf of their clan leader. They are following orders to a T and as a result, they are able to provide much needed information to help their clan protect themselves from an aggressive maneuver. Is this integrity? Are they noble and just for protecting their clan, or are they deceitful due to the method used to obtain it?

What about the usage of masks and the multiple lies told in order to maintain the charade. The information is always of benefit, but where does the line fall? Is it acceptable? To deceive your own on top of the targets in order to make it work’is this just?

Sometimes things start with just one small lie. Then, in order to support this lie, another needs to be told. Then another, and another and so on and so forth until the web of lies is so thick, one gets stuck in it. Then desperation sets in, and as one attempts to wriggle themselves out of the web, things get moved and tossed around. Priorities are lost, pieces of the web begin to get stuck onto each other, and what was once a beautiful yet fragile web has turned into nothing more than a disgusting and sticky mess.

So, Seyda, where are you going with this?

Let me tell you.

Over the past week, I have been covering events in the city between several vampires that I have had close contact with. Knowing my closeness to the situation, I insisted upon providing the information in an editorial fashion. I had been repeatedly asked about my involvement, and I said that if I were to get involved, the parties involved would know. Well, with all the information that was being given to me from several sides (so yes, friends, I WAS writing based on more information than some would claim), I became involved. And, as any reporter worth their weight would do, at that point in time, I stopped my reporting.

I never claimed to involve myself with holy water, although I had been prepared to do so if required. What I did was I took my findings and I presented them in a factual manner. Allies of the involved clan called off their attacks. Some members of the clan involved stopped fighting on their own as the blanks began to be filled in. Other information unrelated to the battle was discovered, and I shared that, too.

Simultaneously, the editor of this paper gave the group speaking out vocally against my editorials the opportunity to write out their own side to the situation. The platform to present their own findings and facts was clearly given. This option was not exercised. Why not? If I had facts and findings to disprove what someone was saying about me, I would be the first in line showing everyone.

Instead, as a result of this effort, I have been branded a liar. That’s fine. I do not care. I have enough vampires that know me and respect me in this city, and their opinions are the ones I care about. However, the web keeps spinning. Innocent ‘pires have been called out as liars and spies and are being harassed for wanting reasons. The Queen and her court still continue to deny things with facts handed to them. Passive-aggressiveness has taken over. As the keys are being jingled, possessiveness has also begun to surface. My, my, my’ No one seems to have recognized that some days’it’s just not about ‘you.’

So, after presenting just what is making me think about integrity, my personal definition of it is the following. To me, it is about being above board in what you’re doing. Is sneaky okay? Well, yes, I believe it is. Outright deceit? I personally don’t find it necessary. And yes, this is coming from the mouth of someone who was trained in the art of deceit, lies, and the wearing of several masks. In my opinion, the easiest way to keep a story straight is to not wrap it in a web of lies. I should know. I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and don’t even wear the bitch.

What I really would like to know is what your definition of integrity is. What exactly IS integrity in Raven Black City? Email me at and tell me. All of your answers will be used in a follow up column to show what integrity is to you, the public.

So, like always, until next time, I tell the truth, so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it, anyway…




“Simultaneously, the editor of this paper gave the group speaking out vocally against my editorials the opportunity to write out their own side to the situation. The platform to present their own findings and facts was clearly given. This option was not exercised. Why not? If I had facts and findings to disprove what someone was saying about me, I would be the first in line showing everyone.”

This was in process before this was written Seyda .. did you ask Hesu if there had been contact with Secret?

~ matej (sick and tired of Seyda’s bull)


I was the one who set UP the meeting between Hesu and Secret, so thanks for your concerns. It is quite obvious that there was contact, as the offer for Secret to write the editorial was made there. Also, considering that the entire paragraph was written in past tense, it is also rather obvious that the meeting took place before my column was written.

Anything else, Captain Obvious?

Lord BubbleKnight

…that honesty and integrity had not changed meanings, my dear Seyda, but they mean different things. Honesty is to be open and to be true. Integrity is to be true with oneself. Of course, both are related. It’s difficult to be true with yourself while lying to others, because you would have to deceive them which, in turn, would mean you’re presenting yourself in a way you are NOT, so you wouldn’t be integer as well.

I find no difficult in two of you examples. Lying to your own would be not only dishonest, but would not be integer, because how can you lie to someone you call “your own”? I can understand controlling info, but saying lies, even white ones, seems totally out the line for me. Yes, that means that diplomats are not always honest; in fact, and sadly, politics has a lot to do with this.

Now… espionage. When you go into espionage, being a classified mission, you are swearing to deceive others and stay true to your own. Your mission is to lie and deceive and remain unnoticed as long as possible. Your mission is to tell everything you can find to your leader and stay loyal to them. Some could say you’re being integer with your own and you have to fake, creating another masquerade in order to operate. Some would say a true Knight would never operate in such a fashion. Both would be right.

Having been a spy before, and for long, I would say spying requires a lot of loyalty and strength, and a lot of integrity, because you might be tempted to join the other side, selling your own, or you might be tempted to use what you get to your own advantage. However, it’s true, a Knight would never use espionage to their advantage; they would face their enemies in the battlefield or in the negotiation table instead. A spy HAS to be a cheater for definition, although it could do it for a noble or defendible reason or cause.

As for your story, I would only say that if you have facts, you can be only argued with facts. Those who cannot offer facts to counter your own are trying to deceive public oppinion.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan


I saw the conversation with Hesu, Secret and an LoSD member and it looked to me that Secret was going to write her editorial.

And i’m happy to be Captian Obvious, i’d rather that than being you.

~ matej LoSD


Sheesh, I’d rather be Seyda. In a fight, I’m sure Seyda’d kick CO’s ass.



Ah, now I know what Mother was referring to when she said she was writing something’ Still though, sweets, as I told you already, this is just not worth the effort.

Reese W

Integrity is to do what you believe to be the best thing you can do for your cause…if this means deceiving someone for the good of your cause, do remember the people being deceived would do the same for THEIR cause. Fuck the criticism. As long as YOU know what YOU did served the purpose meant for it, the whiners shouldn’t matter because this is a cutthroat world, no room for morals, and what is right and wrong. In short: Do whatever necessary to accomplish what you believe is the right thing, no matter how underhanded the tactics.