Show Us Your Wares!!!

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Okay, so this is the week between one of the city’s best known functions, the Slave Auction. Twice a year, vampires gather from all over the city to get something to drink, engage in some social activity, and compete with other bidders for the services of their slave of choice.

What is the appeal of the slave auction? Well, to the buyer, there could be a variety of things. Having someone perform a specific task, quenching the need to be in control (even if it’s only for one week), or to purchase their own friend or loved one in order to get them entered into the lottery for the large pot that one lucky slave gets at the end of the auction. To the slave, money is usually given as the top answer with a few mentioning their submissive tendencies quickly under their breath, or the thrill of not knowing how much money they’d go for.

If a self respecting vampire(ss) chooses to join the auction with the hopes of cleaning windows all week in exchange for a few extra coins, fine. Here is what I don’t understand. I attended one of these auctions. During this auction, I saw more bare breasts than I had seen in my entire unlife.

Now, don’t get me wrong, bare breasts are a glorious thing, but there’s something about some dirty hall with a bunch of drunk and leering vampires calling out numbers and the bare breasts positioned on top of an auction block that just takes the mystique out of them. These vampiresses were taking off their clothes in order to increase their take. About half of them were more than willing to whore themselves to the highest bidder as well and had mentioned such on their information cards.

What. The. Hell. To each his own, I guess, but if I EVER showed up on an auction block in this city, someone is carrying my ass up there all ashed out in an urn. Where is the self respect? Whoring yourself for money? I don’t understand it. Yeah, yeah, mutually consenting adults, whatever. The hooker on the street corner and the john in the beat up old pick up truck are mutually consenting adults, too. The only difference here is that the hookers have callouses on their feet.

So in conclusion, I beg you’please think of the breasts. They are much better sacred and not flopped all out for everyone to see. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my cold, dead heart.

So, until next time, I tell the truth so you don’t have to’not like you planned on it, anyway.



Lord BubbleKnight

…that female slaves have to do that in order to raise their take, but it’s even more sad that male buyers only look for that in a female, instead of other attributes that could make them even more desirable as slaves or partners in crime.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan


Tis not just women that parade themselves topless and practically nude but the men too. It is actually commonly said that women are not always bought for sexual relations whereas men almost always are. If there was another way to gain coin I’m sure it would be done. I cannot say I disapprove of the body, and I enjoy the auctions, but there is a fine line between teasing to raise the bid and practically running about nude to raise the bid. Besides being more tasteful I do think teasing is also more fun chuckles

Rykoth ó Cionaoith


I was not in the auction of the females long enough to notice the bare breast and yes I myself did purchase a slave for a handful of 20k thanks to my sire dearest. But I found Lisastrata afterwards and asked her for a dance sometime because some of the women happened to be dancing as well…sinously sure enough but she added abit of pizazz to it so I think Lisastrata and her dancing need to be given a good round of applause and noticed just abit along with the rest of the ladys who danced around instead of whoring themselves without tops. And if I find out Mina dearest was walking around with out a top pulls out the wooden spoon She is getting it!