When the Moon Follows….

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Take me as I am or leave me as I was. A statement that is often uttered in various ways throughout the city and the world at large, the context in which it’s used can be viewed as very proud, or very stupid. A statement of self confidence and even arrogance, this statement and its various incarnations make it quite clear: I’m perfect and don’t mess with it. When used by those that actually ARE on the top of their game, it can be the perfect shot in a verbal debate or a very well executed dismissal.

However, it is far too common for the vampires in this city to use this statement as an ineffective excuse for their shortcomings. I know several vampires personally that have that Achilles. They can hum along and be rather productive or show others that they have potential, and then something occurs and before you know it, the Achilles has taken hold, and the vampire loses everything.

Does said vampire look at the situation and say, “Wow, when I did THAT, that set forth a series of events that led to my personal destruction?” Of course not. They say, “I was THIS when you met me, and you KNEW this coming in. This isn’t MY fault, it’s YOURS.” Well, no, it isn’t and allow me to explain.

If you are stuck in a cycle where every few months something occurs and you end up losing everything over and over, there is only one common denominator…you. Believe it or not, you are the problem. This would be a wise thing to recognize, because the only one in the city that will accept the “this is how I was before you met me” excuse is yourself. When you take it a step further and declare that you “see” the truth, yet you’re the only one who has the “balls” to say anything, allow me to laugh a bit before reminding you that if you’re the ONLY one in the city with a particular opinion, then it probably sucks.

It is not the job of the city to adjust to you. Because you’re an immature putz of a vampire who feels they do not need self-improvement, it doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to bend over backwards to accomodate your rather psychotic ideals.

So, stand up and shout about how you have it all down with your lack of clan, lack of family, lack of spouse, lack of home, and lack of friends. Sit back in your cardboard box and declare that you know it all and that members of the city that have clans, family, spouses, homes, and friends are really the ones that don’t know what they’re doing. Continue to declare this over and over. It won’t make anyone believe you, but it’ll help you fill that paper cup up with quarters quicker.

Does the moon follow you when you walk? About as much as the sky is green, the grass is pink, and you’re a success in this city.

Like always, I tell the truth so you don’t have to…not like you planned on it, anyway.




No, dear, that’s knowing who you are, liking who you are, and not changing to make everyone ELSE happy by stifling the real you. I’m not perfect and never insinuated I was; but I am not easy to change. The more you try to force me to, the more I will fight you, it’s my nature. I can and do change for love, but not through force. Too bad some can’t comprehend that. ;)

chuckles and walks away, shaking his head

Gods I’m glad I don’t read this rag. But I am a curious cat. XD


A guilty conscience is it’s own accuser.