It’s an Atrocity! Or Maybe It’s Just Not Worth the Coverage…

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So, from what I have seen, although the previous several weeks have been rather boring in terms of action in this city, there has been a small brewing situation that has been plastered all over the headlines of another city paper. In this paper, a series of interviews and reports have been printed regarding the ‘atrocities’ committed by a torpored vampire hiring a group who are loyal only to the almighty coin to attack another. The reporter in question has been all over this story (a term I will be using loosely throughout this piece) and then has been stunned and shocked about her treatment by one of the parties involved. So, in a motion of either reporting or shameless self-promotion (I’ve yet to determine at this time exactly which it is) the actions of said party have been slammed time and time again across the headlines. Interviews with various parties discussing the lack of honor or the lack of caring of reasoning behind the lining of pockets have been posted, and quite frankly, in my oh so humble opinion, this situation has been over-promoted to the point of turning the story into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Allow me to explain.

This situation is not new. Every few months, it is hurled back into the consciousness of the city by a boomerang of attention. One of the parties begins to huff and puff, and like a pile of dominoes, the city begins to fall all over itself providing the attention that the troll has demanded. The more attention he receives, the more powerful he becomes. The more the story has been covered, the bigger and greater he becomes. A legend in his own mind, the more proof that he truly IS a story that he receives, the stronger and stronger he will be.

So, Seyda, why has the Grimoire passed on this story, other than this piece and an obituary? Because, City, the party in question is not going to gain any power on the backs of us. Every interview claiming the atrocities, every interview declaring this to be the worst thing to ever happen, every interview talking of lacking honor and payments for deeds done on the surface may appear to be to inform the city, but in reality, all they are doing is lifting an entity unworthy of even being mentioned by name into the clouds of immortality.

So, recently torpored & his clan and family’so, lower tier publishing entity that shall not be mentioned’so, anyone who feels they are doing a service to the city by opening every ones’ eyes to the situation, do you really wish to rid yourself of this problem? If so, then do the world a favor and shut up. Every word you utter fuels the beast. Every mention of his name drives him. Every piece of whiny coverage is all the reinforcement he needs to continue. Self-promotion has its place’in this situation, it has been the lead in to destruction. Here’s some bleach. Hopefully this will help wash the blood off your hands.

Like always, I tell the truth so you don’t have to’not like you were planning on it anyway.




Very Nicely Put, but, I tried to ignore “said pire” but got pulled in by his verbal offenses on some vampiress. I find it hard to ignore such offenses and wish “said pire” would grow some balls and come and pay me a visit.

Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel


So you cannot ignore verbal offenses on someone not yourself? I’ve been able to do it. Others have been able to do it. I’m sorry that you’re incapable of ignoring something that has nothing to do with you.

In case it isn’t understood, yes, I’ve received several communications from he that shall not be named, and now I do not. Why? I ignored him and gave him no power.

Just a thought.


Or Maybe It’s Just Not Worth the Coverage…???

Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel

Miranda Dawn

It nice to know in a city of vampires, evil or not, that chivalry is not dead bows to Brutus

She was some kind of priestess with a black dress on ~ Thunder


Everybody has been contacted by “he that shall not be named” for month upon month for assistance in this and everyone I know turned him down in order to err on the side of honour or ignored him so as not to get sucked in his petty, maniacal and pathatic rantings that have been proven to almost always if not always be delusional.

After he scoured the city and was turned down by every honourable and even less than honourable clan and vampire and ignored by anyone with half a wit, it was decided by those apparently he approached in desperation since no one else would give him the time of day, that they had little or no honour worth defending, so they would act in the name of the lamest ass in the city. Hate Lesion or not, on his worse day he is a God head compared to the nitwit “that shall not be named” and anyone acting on his behalf, just allows themselves to appear as stupid and lame witted as he smile

Im baaaaaack!!! Did ya miss me?

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