Change…blessing or a curse?

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Change. An interesting topic, change is one that is constantly brought up in this city and around the world in various incarnations. The willingness to change or not is often an argument that boils over in the unlives of each one of us at some point. Change could be a simple decision like the redecoration of living space. Change could also be as complicated as watching your entire world shift around you. Change can be a savior or a devil; a friend or an enemy.

Change is prevalent in about every society past or present that has ever existed. For the good or for the better, cities have improved, empires have risen and fallen, and advances and even destruction have been made. Change has definitely caused many negative side effects not only in our great city of RavenBlack, but in areas around the world. But, is it really the change causing it? I would be more inclined to say that it is indeed not the change itself creating problems, but those resistant within. Let me explain.

As this city ages, it has evolved like most cities around the globe. In its birth, the city was an entity controlled by blood and power and was covered with those fighting to the death. Following the line of most of civilization, it has been slowly evolving into more of a peaceful and expressionist society. Is this a good thing or no? Well, that question is the interesting one. For those ‘pires who recognize the past precedent regarding change in most of society, they have learned to adapt to their situation. This city is not an arm’s race to them and they do not concern themselves with petty squabbles and drama. They are what they are and they have what they have. You’ll be more likely to find these folks preparing for anything and if they say they have something, they won’t be bluffing. But, if you ask them about their priorities, the city as an entity won’t register on their radar, because they are more concerned with their relationships and other personal affairs than everyone else.

Then you have the ‘pires who lust after what many consider to be the ‘Golden Age’ of the city. Constantly concerned with power and being in control, these folks constantly agonize about how the city has changed for the worse, how things are falling apart, and waiting for the day they can wrestle control and turn it back into the glory they remember. You’ll see a lot of these critics running around publically talking about how the city has gone soft and how a return to traditional values is necessary or the city will die. The city is most definitely an arm’s race to this crew, and it doesn’t matter how they get them. As long as they get them and have the ability to take over the city as quickly as possible.

Is one better than the other? Well, it depends on which category you fit into. For those in the former category, they just couldn’t be bothered with all the intricacies of the latter, and regularly scoff at those in the second category who declare that the city needs to go back to its former glory when said scoffer wasn’t even there. The second category looks at the first category like they are a bunch of pansies that should pack up and move to the Caribbean rather than be situated in such a volatile city as RavenBlack.

According to that human Dwight Eisenhower (which if I was actually alive when he was, he would have made a hell of a snack), ‘Neither a wise man or a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.’ Are you looking behind you, or in front of you? Are you more worried about what others are doing, or are you focusing on yourself? These are answers I cannot give, but one thing that I can say for sure, is that change affects everything around us. Friendships, romantic relationships, clans, family, the city. When things change, are you willing to adapt? Are you willing to preserve your place by stepping up to meet the challenge, or would you be so resistant that you lose it all? That, I believe, could be the question of the day for a lot of us.

Until next time, I tell the truth so you don’t have to, not that you planned on it anyway.



Vermathrax rex

It never stops, tho only a handful see the true changes in action untill it is too late to adapt or die. It is not always the major change that gets you, but the subtle ones (if anything is truly subtle in this place)It used to be dark and forboding around here-with a hoard of cries stating ‘you gonna die!’. Dark and foreboding went out of style after the KoH/DA war. Now it’s all about clowns and Cirque De Soleil in my opinion. Golden ages are a matter of opinion and view-and most clans have had theirs at the same time others have not, only to switch places as it goes. We are indeed entering a unique transition period now in this citys history. Old players, up and coming players, ones even returing from true death to give the wheel another spin. New clans, old clans, rearrangement of parts, ideas and accepted norms. It never stops. Who will make the grade? Is it better to burn out than fade away-or has it all simply faded-awaiting the next group to enter and continue? Let our history be your copybook-and learn well.

vermathrax Bellina’s husband veteran cosmic rocker