The More Things Change….

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Over the past several weeks, the city as a whole has been dealing with the departure of several of its own. From all corners of the city, these vampires all left within days of one another and for those who were in immediate relations, it probably hit harder than others. Some may have thrown parties, others climbed in lawnchairs and popped a brewhaha, waiting to see what fallout if any would occur.

Why did they leave? Well, no one is going to be 100% sure of that, even if they were given a reason. I didn’t tell everyone all of the reasons I stepped down in my clan, and so it’s a pretty safe bet that there are a few hidden reasons strewn about that folks just don’t know. At this point I would like to make it clear that I really do not care what they were. One of them could have left because they can’t find purplish green fingernail polish in the city, and it would be fine. It’s just not my place to judge why any of them left.

‘The city is now in the shitter!’ they say.

‘The city will never be the same,’ they cry.

Well, I have one simple answer for you. Bullshit. The names may change, folks, but the categorization will stay the same. There will always be that attitudinal simpleton who will not take any advice on how to run her clan. There will always be the boastful idiot who doesn’t even realize how retarded he sounds every time he opens his mouth. There will always be that elder that can shut up an entire room with one sentence. There will always be the ones who act like mini paparazzi and dig out all they can on the more popular entities. You’ll always have the hypocritical ones who love to utilize the ‘do what I say, not what I do’ strategy. There will always be the whiny drama queens where even the smallest bump in the road is this big huge and stupid pile of drama. There will always be those who sit with their cattle prods and poke the drama queens for entertainment. There will be the fresh upstarts and the burned out elders. There will always be power struggles, whether it is on the battlefield or in the court of public opinion. These things will never change as much as the faces involved will.

So, in reality, no matter who enters and who leaves, borrowing the words of this band I like, ‘we’ll all float on okay.’ The question really is’who is going to reach up and take the torch? The city seems to have become full of complainers. Let’s whine because ‘everyone’ left. Well, everyone didn’t leave. Less than 10 did. Rather than bitch because they left and the city sucks now, get off your ass and make something happen. For all you bright eyed younglings in the city who have been so accustomed to having this gigantic glass ceiling due to all the elders who were holding the power, congratulations. Consider the ceiling removed. Now, stop bitching about how things have changed when six months ago you were bitching about how you were never going to get your shot.

Here’s the ball, Bitches. Show us what you’re made of or shut the fuck up. And for those of you who are now thinking in your brains, ‘Well, Seyda, put your money where your mouth is,’ I’d like to remind you that I already did. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and I don’t even wear the bitch. It’s your turn to put up or shut up. You could get your face etched into the history of this city. Will you be known for your intelligence and wisdom, or because you’re a hypocritical simpleton? The choice is yours.

Until next time, I tell the truth so you don’t have to, not that you planned on it anyway.



Lady Crimson

Well said Seyda. Now is the perfect time to make a mark in the city-big or small they do make a difference. Personally I’ve been hanging in the shadows for too long and am cynical to an extent. But don’t let me stop you guys! “purplish green fingernail polish”?? raises her eyebrow So thats why you left…just kidding!

Lady Crimson PoE Doncey’s Devil Lil’s Mommy Dem’s beloved Lover of the Jynx ~yeah I have a bunch of titles, deal with it. lol~


claps well said. ;-)