Clan Histories: What’s Important?

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched a debate around the city regarding clan history and who is important. The Ferrymen have been the clan that has been singled out in this debate, with former members claiming their accolades publically and current members denying their importance. Although The Ferrymen are the face of the debate, this discussion could be had regarding any past or current clan in the city. After watching the comments and hearing the side chatter, I think that most of you are way off the mark as far as clan histories are concerned. Let me explain.

My point in this matter is very simple. Basically, the bottom line is, EVERY vampire that crosses the threshold of a clan has in some way or another shaped its history, even if they don’t do something gigantic and earth shattering. The entire POINT of a clan is to have several members working together for a common goal and if you can get a bunch of people together just working, they’re building the legacy of that clan and are part of history.

During my tenure at The Republic, there were probably around 75-100 different vampires who crossed the threshold, either in our school or in our main clan. I can honestly say that every single one of them helped shape the clan into what it is today, whether they served as a small-scale lesson learned, completely rebuilt a provincia that just wasn’t working well, or just sat there and did what they were told. Even those that sat and did nothing, which bugged the shit out of me, or the ones who didn’t understand the concept of clan (there is no ‘I’ in team, folks) and demanded an excessive amount of my time. They ALL mattered, whether or not it was captured in a literary sense. Are the history books going to say that I fed them all magic beans and created one of the fastest growing clans in the city? Who knows…but the bottom line is you can have a wonderful leader all you want, but there isn’t a clan without the guys doing the grunt work. And so I’d submit that the grunt work is actually more important than the ones at the top keeping track of it and doing all the “earth-shattering” things.

Hell, even members of allied clans can have the ability to find a place in molding the history of a clan. For example, kaio999, since he’s been heavily involved in the city discussions. I’m fairly certain that although he did absolutely nothing of “worth” during his tenure in SIE or EoE, his presence would not be forgotten or downplayed. He started off dedicated and strong, were very eager to help not only his clans build and get better, but the other allied clans as well. He then got impatient and careless, and ended up creating his own downfall from SIE. Granted, he may not view it as a downfall from his point of view. However, from my vantage, a shining star burnt out before they could do anything and fell crashing from the sky, ending up gone. There will always be two sides of the story, and just the fact that there IS two sides to it should be enough to indicate that they are part of history, whether one likes it or not.

I have fallen out with several vampires that had graced the halls of The Republic, and just because I don’t like them personally doesn’t change what they did while in the clan. Spinner will forever be known as the shining star who got impatient. Ravyne Ramirez will always be known for being a pure work horse who got the job done no matter where it was needed. so i did him will always be known for coming in when it was needed and helping the school get established. All three of these vampiresses exited for different reasons, but their initial contributions would never be forgotten. It’s unfortunate that some clans out there would try to even deny the work done by those before them.

There may be some current members of RoR who don’t know what Rawnie or ArcticRainDrop did to help build the clan. There may be some students who don’t even know who I am. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the three of us were instrumental in forming the clan and what it is today. With that said, do any of you know any past or present shining stars who was instrumental in the function of a clan in this city, although they do not get the credit since what they did isn’t ‘sexy’ enough for print? If so, feel free to use the comments section of this piece to give them the credit they deserve.

Until next time, I tell the truth so you don’t have to…not that you planned on it anyway.




Don’t mind me, i’m on a vacation down the blood clotted cobbles of memory lane and found the grimoire (again) and decided to be filling my ego of having two entries dedicated to me in a duo post (my sirings from an age long past now)

For those who don’t know me nor really care, i’m a step-child of Seyda and full and only childer of Asmia (i feel so priveliged) as I’m still in the RoR despite many changes through my 15 month tenure (and counting) some good some not so good, i’ve stayed and carried on with my task (some what ad hoc) of issuing medals to those who grace my halls.

I wish some changes hadn’t taken place (mostly for reminiscient sake) cos i feel slightly lonely that my mentors left, although i had done on major mis-demenour under Seyda’s rule which nearly killed me off but my mummy (Asmia) saved me and helped me re-build my reputation with Seyda and the then clan.

Well if and when Seyda reads this, lovely to be on this mental vacation and glad to see you again.

lestrange childe of Asmia RoR



hugs the kiddo