Ravenblack Grimoire Scrapes The Barrel For News

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The hunt is now on to find the most and least popular vampires in the city. This spurious contest, organised by Jauk Juggernaut Telduin, has now reached the voting stage amidst allegations of using thralls to rig the nominations. The newly appointed Shadow Court chancellor obsidian, tried but failed to withdraw her nomination. Jauk incurred the wrath of TiC supremo Lady What The by mispronouncing the name of her son, blaZe, during a sharp exchange with said vampire.

And this passes as news? Is it really the case that there is nothing more thrilling happening in the city than this popularity contest? The Ravenblack Grimoire has been struggling for some days to dredge interesting stories from the events of the city.

While it may well be that the esteemed news organisation has simply lost it’s touch, the evidence suggests that the city may be losing it’s vibrancy. The trend is worrying: murders are down, thefts are down. Is RavenBlack’s city of the night losing it’s edge? Will it soon become a nice safe city, like the human cities of Washington DC or Baghdad?

Picking up a theme started by the notable vampire, Vella, in her published journals, the Ravenblack Grimoire have decided to ask their readers what they think about the current state of the city. Have we stagnated? Is this it? Are the glories of the past never to be relived? Have too many of the ancients taken the long walk?

Let us know what you think about it, vote now in our "state of the city" poll



We could just start you know…making stuff up beams

Umm..kidding slinks off


Hmmm … I am not sure this article isn’t made up :D


blink If it was made up….hmmm..and THAT’S all you came up with? :P

Lord BubbleKnight

I guess everybody’s taking a break, like if everyone in the city was in some sort of spring break… Being the badass of the city takes time and at some point in time, most center figures would probably want to take a break, go back to their real lives and take some distance before getting involved again. I don’t think we’re in a stagnation point soon to reach a dead end. I see this as a standby state; as a recharge point in which most of the dwellers in the city are just getting ready and recharging for something… some kind of stuff… that will explode at some point in time… maybe one closer than you can imagine.

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Was that some attempt at a subtle hint, or dyou just like being ominous? :P pokes Bub

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Mayhaps he just likes commenting on articles as a means to sound important and insightful?

winks I kid.

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Lord BubbleKnight

You know me pretty well, Lady Arsanga, so I’m pretty sure you can read between my lines. As for the one who suggested I might be commenting just to appear in the news… no, I’m not of said customs… I usually have something better to do than caring if this city considers me important or not.


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Lord BubbleKnight

Hope you’re just kidding… hehehehe… Or… }:) (I’m kidding, too :P)

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