And So It Ends

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And so the great duel between evilive_inc and his one time father and archnemesis, Lucius came to an end last night with the Loki of Valhalla lying vanquished on the battlefield. Although this result has been on the cards since Round 1, very few predicted it before the fight, as shown by this Ravenblack Grimoire poll at the time. The bookmakers will be crying tears of blood long into the night over this one.

Both duellists have conducted themselves with honour and dignity to provide us with a spectacle worthy of the Roman emperors of old. Like the gladiatorial contests of the first millenium, such a duel will fade from memory, unlikely to to be repeated, evilive_inc being predicted to don the battle cloak with the rest of his clan. This will no doubt suit the High Priest, as it leaves little scope for a rematch.

So where does this leave the contestants? evilive_inc no longer holds the prize for the city’s most capable warrior. To be fair, he never claimed such a crown, but was generally accepted to be the wearer. Tactically, it was a victory for sneaky cunning over beserker brutality, so it is fair to say he is still the most bloodthirsty fighter in RavenBlack’s city by some margin.

But what of Lucius? Will this victory rehabilitate the High Priest in the eyes of the large section of the city that revile him? Most certainly not. If anything he has revealed his hand, reminding his enemies that he is indeed a capable foe, and not the piteous fool they make him out to be.

Now that the duel is over and the need for honour has passed, the sound of blades sharpening can be heard around the city, and, given his performance on the battlefield, Lucius can be sure that every last one of them is going straight in his back.



Against the Odds. Against puplic opinion.. grins

The best man won. My man won. And all those who sneered and jeered can just “bite the weenie Rizz”….

to which I’ll say “With Relish”

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius



~ophelia af Gyllenstierna Church of Blood

Lord BubbleKnight

…and congratulations, evilive_inc. Lucius won the duel and that will always be remembered, but both of you showed passion, honor, respect for your opponent and showed such fine are in warmaking that I don’t think it would be matched by any other event in the near future. My humble respect for both of you, gentlemen, and evilive… sleep well.

You both deserve honor.


Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan


I could not have said it better Lord BubbleKnight, so I won’t even attempt to. A battle well fought.

~On-da-g~ Temple of Lies Priestess of Small Lies and Large Truths

Oracle ~ The Ferrymen House of Lucius


Congratulations to both contestants on an honorable fight.

And double congrats to Lucius. I knew you could do it grins

Annabelle Lady in White ~ The Ferrymen Priestess of Lies & Brutal Truths


to you both, for the entertainment.

And my congratulations to Lucius. Now, that is enough ego stroking for Lucius. It is already threatening the air space of three foreign countries. :P


To evilive…. a duel fought with honour. And thank you to everyone who have shown their support and confidence in me. In the moral gray scale that vampires observe, I, ravenous that I am, might even be right in certain convictions, obviously. Cheers!

Rose Bliven

I realize it’s a little late but I want to give congrats to both warriors involved in the duel. However, while both men involved viewed it with honour and respect, it seems as though others want to reduce it to a popularity/ pissing contest. :( BOTH men fought a good fight.