People often leave the city never to return. How long would you wait for an absent spouse before finding new love?

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shakes her head sadly and just walks away



There isnt a viable choice I’d go for Pffft


How about now?


snickers My intention in that comment Sir, was to point out that there is not a specific time line,I think, on to wait or not to wait. Much like anything, instinct will tell you when the time to let go is at hand; not just for relationships, but for just about anything.

shakes fist and plots things

~ophelia af Gyllenstierna Church of Blood

Yeah smart asses…I’m married to NiF too beams


I agree with ophelia… you will know when it is time to move on. sighs softly Having been in this situation, but he was my companion, we were not bound. You really know when their vamp disappears.:(

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and smiles a secret smile

Too Funny….

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


Oh - congratulations, Mrs. Angelic Snowlflake. Is that Ange for short? ducks to avoid flying pointy things But what a coincidence grins



Perhaps not

Goodday Madeye.


~ophelia Church of Blood

Rose Bliven

I have to agree with Grammy on this one. Specific times are too cut and dry. And it’s not that simple.

stabs and loves her Grammy, waves at Madeye Wonderful place you got here. I’m addicted. :D

Lord BubbleKnight

…sometimes you know yourself and know, a priori, that you wouldn’t wait if that happened to you; sometimes you know that you could wait forever. Maybe the question should have been worded like, “In theory…”. I could wait a long time for my wife to come back, or at least that’s what I think right now, I’m not usually one to get bored too quickly… but then we would have to see what would it happen if that actually happened to me.

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Lady Ophy

My vote:

A long time, not forever ;)

~Lady Ophy Virtus Sodalitas


i am still waiting. a year and counting.



None of the choices applied to me, but I had to vote in order to see the results :(

There are just tooooooooooooooo many circumstances that could be involved in order for me to choose ;)

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having never thought i would even have to contemplate this scenario… i find myself silently, sadly wondering myself.

sighs heavy…. “i’ll vote when i figure out just how broken my heart can bear”



posted twice…. my apologies