Doom versus Lesion - Will They Or Won’t They?

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Hmms I would say, of course they will.. but then Doom is sinking ever deeper into shadow whilst continuing to spew… So that leaves, “No they won’t” And yet…The moment Doom DOES bring his yellow belly out of Mother Abyss’ embrace, he’ll be dead simply for the cretin he is nods and votes

Carpathia Valentis Amator The Toxic Muse @->—-


May i suggest a limited duel, the winner of the duel to be established when 1000BP is lost by one of duelers, the other dueler would be named the winner at this point, argument over, they can then move on to more peacful endeavours.

note:Before the duel both duelers should stockpile as many coins as possible and when the duel is concluded, may i suggest they recover their blood lost by visiting a nice necromancer.


Will not be going ahead at this time. From last reports the outcome remains moot.

No Duel For These Two Combatants