Opinions on Power - Arsanga

2 minute read

This is the start of the interest story we here at the Grimoire call “Opinions on Power” where we have approached certain vampires from different parts of the city and asked them their opinion much along the lines of “What’s Next?”. How do they as individual vampires see the changing power grid of this city of dark nights.

Now that the Shadow Court is no longer active within the streets of this city. How do you see the future shift in power with in the city? What clans do you see rising to the top (proverbial) of the clan heap?

Answer: Predicting any power shifts in the city is always difficult, because a lot of clans can come out of left field and demonstrate that they are a lot stronger than expected (i.e. SIE in their war with CoB). However, I would say that this at least appears to give the Cap/HoH/Ferry side of things the upper hand for the moment. But, there are a lot of newer clans gaining strength, who haven’t taken either “side” (that being the Caps side of things and the former Dark Alliance on the other), so I’d say we still have enough wild cards to change things up further. Not to mention, the vampires of Shadow Court aren’t gone, just the Court itself, that’s another thing to keep in mind.

Question: There are alot of new clans in the city. Those who are just now beginning, or recently so, who are already making rumbles within the history. Which clan, new on the scene do you think has the most potential to fill (in part) the void in which the dissolution of both CoB and SC have made?

Answer: A lot of the newer clans don’t have the same agendas that the SC and CoB did, so it’s more difficult to say here. If you’re asking which of the newer clans is most likely to become a major fighting power in the city, I’d have to say SIE, but that’s assuming that the goal of most clans is still to become a strong fighting-force, and I’m not altogether sure that it is, especially for these younger groups.

Thank you Arsanga of Clan Seraphim for taking the time to talk with the staff here at The Grimoire. This is just the start of this series, but with each new opinion, a clearer picture of the feel in the city concerning the shift in power starts to emerge. It remains to be seen what that picture will be.