Opinions on Power - Jauk

1 minute read

Question: Now that the Shadow Court is no longer active within the streets of this city. How do you see the future shift in power with in the city? What clans do you see rising to the top (proverbial) of the clan heap?

I believe had Yggdrasil not came to be the Capadocians unity with Kingdom of Herot would be the power house of the city. They have the numbers and cash to make a big mess and though SIE has skills and cash, they don’t have the numbers. TiC of course is still left, but they are divided by color. Yggdrasil I believe, is up and coming to be the best of the best, if not already.

Question: There are alot of new clans in the city. Those who are just now beginning, or recently so, who are already making rumbles within the history. Which clan, new on the scene do you think has the most potential to fill (in part) the void in which the dissolution of both CoB and SC have made?

Yggdrasil. Most former CoB and SC members won’t be caught dead in a Cap or KoH clan, and perhaps not even SIE. The other choices are out there, but Yggdrasil has a lot more potential to be the best clan out there in the near future.

We would like to thank Jauk for answering our questions. As you can see, the answers to these have been and will continue to blanket the spectrum of hidden power pockets within this city. For those that assume that the city will keep on as it has been with no shake up in clan hierarchy should now take this as notice. That things will change, somehow. The question, is only, in what direction will it change?

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