Pub Trends

1 minute read

It is a new trend, Pub ownership. All around this dark lit city, under the noses of humanity it seems that vampire kind are taking up ‘trade’. Well, it seems that Vampires are buying up these local institutions and revamping them (pun intended) into trendy vampiric hot spots. Now of course it’s all very hush hush and the requisite human patrons to disabuse authorities to the subversive underbelly of blood sucking creatures are in place.

But when night falls and those of our ilk travel upon the streets, you will find that many will congregate with single purpose to those Pubs that have been recently bought by fellow vampires.

The recent Vampire Pub takeovers so far:

The family of Pandrora recently took over ownership of the former Fletchers Tavern on Sorrow and 91st , renaming it The Freudian Slip.

Mr Sharne, took over ownership of the old Brookers Tavern at Despair and 38th and renaming it in perhaps the most nondescript name ever imagined, The Lounge. It is said that he finally brought the underground hush hush Lounge that has been a hot spot for vampires up into a more ‘public’ light. Taking over management of the Tavern that hid the Vampiric hang out below it.

The clan The Ferrymen seem to have got in on the trend as well, taking over The Flying Nun at Yak and 30th and renaming it, shockingly enough, The Ferryman Arms.

And in the ever expanding real estate this particular vampire is amassing, obsidian has taken over ownership of two establishments in this dark City. The old Farmer’s Arm at Oppression and 45th which she renamed Angel’s Wing and the old Looming Head pub at Nervous and 2nd which, continuing her particular heavenly theme she renamed The Flirty Angel.

As you can see, there are many of your fellow vampires that now serve up a plethora of beverages to their fellow blood suckers. I say let us support our budding entrepreneurs and seek out these hubs of Vampiric activity give them our patronage. Do our bit for the financial viability of these under new ownership establishments.