Opinions on Power - Nara, Lady Fae

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Question: Now that the Shadow Court is no longer active within the streets of this city. How do you see the future shift in power with in the city? What clans do you see rising to the top (proverbial) of the clan heap?

I’m not sure the best answer to this question since there currently are a lot of young/younger clans out there that are out to make a name for themselves anyway they can. I do see long time clans that are still visible and powerful enough to sway the shift of power in the city. I see a possibility for Yggdrasil to rise quickly to the top (proverbial) of the clan heap as they have quite a few experienced/long time players/members. There are others out there as well but many of the older clans like their ability to blend into the shadows it seems.

Question: There are alot of new clans in the city. Those who are just now beginning, or recently so, who are already making rumbles within the history. Which clan, new on the scene do you think has the most potential to fill (in part) the void in which the dissolution of both CoB and SC have made?

Again this would be Yggdrasil in my mind anyway. The clan that will fill the void left by CoB and SC needs to be somewhat diplomatic but strong enough to stand up for themselves when needed. At times a harsh hand will be needed and that will be something they will have to prove to themselves and those around them.

We’d like to extend our thanks to Nara, Lady Fae, Haupthexe~Die Nachthexen. As ever each answer brings to the table a new impression, a new point of view in relation to this ongoing question of power upon these dark streets we call home. It’s not only those clans that seem to war at the drop of the hat but also those clans not so eager for public acclaim that have a voice and opinion to put forth. Keep tuned for the next issue of ‘Opinions on Power’