Annabelle - Introspective Perspective

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Yet another in our Introspective Perspective series of interviews. We asked and were granted a one on one interview with Annabelle, The Lady in White. Former Inner Council member of The Ferrymen, legendary Princess of Dandelions and a much loved female in this city, whose love and friendship span enemy lines. Come, read and get to know this female.

Who is Annabelle? Wife. Sire. Daughter. Priestess. All of those terms can describe me, but I’m really just another vampire in the City, trying to get on the best way I can, learning from a few mistakes as I go.

It’s a question many in this city are wondering, what does it mean to be The Lady In White? In fact. What does it mean? It means many things to many different people. But to me, it is a duty. A duty to myself, to my family, to my friends, and even to my enemies - to do what is right, no matter who may think it wrong.

Given your recent departure from The Ferrymen, does Holy Watering still feel the same? Do you still get the same kind of thrill and is it different now than when you were in a clan? For now it does seem the same, probably mostly because I have been attacking with my former clanmates and their allies. Just a lot less decision making on my part.

It’s rumoured you will continue your calling to open a school for ‘the vampiric young’ to come and learn the ways of this city. What do you envision for this school? What do you want to achieve? When I started out in The Ferrymen, my sole job was to train students that would one day become a part of Falx. Since then, I’ve wandered away from my original calling. But I’ve always longed to go back.

Teaching the City’s youth once again is my plan for the not-so distant future, but I don’t quite have all of the details ironed out yet. I’m in no hurry, and there will always be young ones needing to learn.

Many in the city I’m sure are curious. What’s next for Annabelle? What do you see yourself doing now? Well, for the time being I am spending time with my family and close friends. Wandering out a bit and getting to know those I don’t know so well, and those who were important to me in the past. The future holds many options, but I don’t want to enter into anything lightly. Patience… it’s something I’ve been trying to master for a very long time.

Can there be a resolution to hostility between all these clans in the city? In your opinion what do you think it would take for vampires too lay down their weapons? Erm… probably total destruction of the City. I mean, seriously. Many vampires whine about fighting, but when they’re not fighting, they’re whining about being bored. If there were total peace and harmony in the City, boredom would run rampant. Plus, there will always be that one that can’t get enough of fighting… no matter what.

Will there be more floral deliveries in the city? It was an enterprise jointly between you and your former childer Narcisssa one that was quite popular. Will we see more of the Dandelion Princess and her horticultural deliveries? Ah, now there is something I haven’t thought of in a while. Since the initial holiday deliveries, I have been commissioned to make a few special deliveries, though not many. I think it’s a definite possibility that the service will rear its head again, though I can’t be sure when. Of course, as Narcisssa was my co-conspirator in that, I will have to discuss it with her as well, but I am hopeful of its return.

Why Dandelions? Why NOT dandelions?

Milk or Orange Juice? Erm

Dawn or Dusk? Dawn, right when I fall asleep in my husband’s arms and all the worries from the night before slip out of my mind.

Television or Cinema? Cinema

Dogs or Cats? Depends on what I need them for

Chocolate or Vanilla? mmm… Chocolate

Favourite Quote? “For it was not my ear you whispered into, but my heart; it was not my lips you kissed, but my soul” That one has followed me since my very beginnings in the City, and I’m not sure why, but it’s always stuck

Thank you Annabelle for granting The Grimoire this interview and giving your time so our readers can learn more about this mysterious female.

We hope you our readers have enjoyed this new addition to our interest articles, stay tuned for the next installment.



Anna darling… One of the best interviews yet.

~Oracle~ Inner Council The Ferrymen

~Dandelions Forever~


Annabelle is one of the sweetest and most honest vampires in the city that I have met. Clan or no clan, I will always hold this vampire in the utmost high regard. Nice interview, btw ;) I suspect that she is a pretty awesome educator as well.

Aries Keeper of the The Gates


Momma, you’re amazing. I love you.

Magister InuYasha The Ferrymen - Second Sword Order of the Scythe Custodis of Androns

proud Childe of Annabelle, and Dandelion Princess